Medicinal harm "Placenta compositum" - a new and effective drug

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Homeopathic medicine "Placenta compositum"is a new, very effective and safe drug that is used in the treatment of any violations of peripheral circulation. These disorders, as well as microcirculation are the most common conditions that lead to the emergence of a large number of negative phenomena in the work of any organ or system of the human body. The drug "Placenta compositum" is designed to adequately correct the appearance of disturbances, which is especially important in the treatment of chronic diseases that occur in patients of advanced age. It is the solution of these problems that occupies one of the first places in the work of doctors, regardless of their specialization. Therefore, the appearance of the antihomotoxic agent "Placenta compositum", which is available as an injection solution, is a very important event for both doctors and their patients.

This drug in its composition has microdosesbiologically active potentiated components that are tropic to the tissues of the walls of the vessels. They allow to normalize peripheral blood circulation in any organs and systems of the body and eliminate the disturbances that have arisen. Also the preparation "Placenta compositum" performs regulating, vasodilating, antispastic and venotonic action on the walls of the vessels. That is why the use of this tool allows you to quickly improve the flow of blood, as well as its microcirculation. In this case, of course, there is an improvement in trophic processes. Since the removal of metabolic products improves in the affected organ, an analgesic and detoxifying effect is produced on the body.

The drug "Placenta compositum" - instruction for use

This drug is recommended for use inpresence of such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, "smoker's leg", varicose veins, since it is with them that peripheral circulation is most often disturbed. Also, Placenta compositum is used to treat after-stroke, deaf, with decubitus, trophic ulcers and other diseases that cause microcirculation disorders. One of the main features of this drug is that it is effective and at the same time completely safe in the prevention or treatment of fetoplacental insufficiency.

This drug has practically noside effects and contraindications to use. He also has no age restrictions. The solution "Placenta compositum" is injected into the body by injection up to 2 times during the week. The full course of treatment with the drug is 10-15 injections. In the presence of especially severe cases, the administration of the drug is allowed 3 to 5 times, but then goes to the usual reception. If it is impossible to administer this drug parenterally, it can be simply drunk both in its pure form and diluted in 50 ml of water (it must be taken throughout the day). If a patient has hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis, then the drug is administered under the supervision of a doctor, in such cases, the functional activity of the thyroid gland may temporarily increase.

Such a wide range of applications of thisthe drug is explained by a large number of its components. The presence of an extract from the tissues of piglets allows us to normalize the trophic processes and the work of the corresponding organs. Other components help to eliminate violations of peripheral circulation, activate blood circulation and regeneration in tissues and organs. In addition, the drug allows to normalize trophic connective tissue of the walls of arteries and veins, as well as the endothelium, has a revitalizing effect, normalizes the pituitary and endocrine regulation.

The drug "Placenta compositum" - reviews about the drug

About this product, its positive feedbackleave both patients and doctors. Most people who take this remedy note its high effectiveness. The drug "Placenta compositum" helps many people to normalize blood pressure and improve the condition of the myocardium. Also, its use effectively eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the legs, greatly accelerates the healing of trophic ulcers and normalizes the work of the myocardium.

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