"Cerebrum compositum" for children: reviews, instruction

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So, today we learn, in what cases"Cerebrum compositum" is assigned to children. Reviews about this drug, instructions for use, as well as contraindications and opinions of doctors will be presented to our attention. To be honest, in the modern world it is rather difficult to determine whether it is possible to trust this or that medication, or not. But when it comes to children, you have to study the reviews of this or that medicine carefully. No one wants the child not to improve his health, but worsens. Let's start with you as soon as possible.

Serebrum compositum children reviews


To begin it is necessary with acquaintance with a preparation. It is about "Cerebrum compositum" (children). Reviews this medication, to be honest, earns ambiguous. But more on that later.

We will deal with a homeopathic drug. He represents liquid in ampoules for injections, transparent, odorless. Produced in packages of 5 "bottles". In each of them, 2.2 milliliters of matter. In principle, nothing special. The most common physiological solution for injection. Its main feature is that it can be applied orally.

Indications for admission

But in what cases is "Cerebrumcompositum "for children? Customer testimonials say that the spectrum of action for this drug is quite extensive, and it can be prescribed by the doctor in any case, either for prophylaxis or for real treatment.

In general, our current medicine is, as alreadywas said, a homeopathic remedy. It is prescribed in cases of circulatory disorders in the brain or in head injuries. These are the most common variants of the development of events.

In addition, "Cerebrum compositum" may beregistered in the case of a depressed state (including in children). Syndrome of chronic fatigue, impaired coordination, as well as impairment of mental abilities - all this is a direct indication for the use of the drug. Often, "Cerebrum" is used in cases of lag in development. This includes both physical health and mental abilities. In addition, sometimes you can give "Cerebrum compositum" in order to improve the mood of the child. Not the most popular option, but it has the right to exist.

Serebrum compositum reviews for children

Who is prohibited?

For all this gets a good "Cerebrum compositum" reviews. Children, this drug, as you see, is assigned very often. True, he has a number of contraindications. Which ones?

They are not very many. Firstly, it is hypersensitivity. Secondly, the child's tendency to allergic reactions. Thirdly, the individual intolerance of the components that make up the drug. To very small children (up to a year) this medication is prescribed extremely rarely and only under the supervision of a doctor.

In principle, this contraindicationend. And it, certainly, pleases buyers. You can almost not worry about your child. "Cerebrum compositum" is a remedy that for children has almost no contraindications.

Side effects

Very often appointed "Cerebrum compositum"children. The instruction says that there are almost no contraindications to the drug. But is it so? Parents are interested in what side effects can be after taking.

Serebrum compositum reviews of children to drink

The manufacturer claims that no negativeconsequences you will not see. "Cerebrum" is transferred easily at any age. But there are exceptions. In rare cases, the patient may experience irritability. At very young children - whims, tearfulness. In addition, sometimes there are various allergic reactions: itching, rash. Reducing the activity of the child for a while is also a side effect of the drug. To be frightened it is not necessary - soon the patient will come to norm.

Terms of Use

Here such ambiguous gets "Cerebrumcompositum "reviews, children are given this drug at different dosages, depending on the age, and sometimes only the doctor helps to determine with an exact definition.Some parents are not particularly happy with this scenario, as they will have to spend time consulting a specialist instead of treatment.

In any case, the manufacturer gives its ownrecommendations to this effect. Rather, they are for doctors, not for parents. "Cerebrum compositum" children are extremely pricked for up to a year. And in small amounts - about 1/8 ampoules once a week. Babies in a more conscious age (up to 3 years) give from 1/6 to 1/4 of the liquid contained in the vial. The periodicity does not change in this case. All also once a week. As you can see, the dosage increases with age. Children under 6 years of age are injected with a drug in a volume of 1 / 2-1 / 3 ampoules, and after this age - for the whole.

Serebrum compositum children reviews mom

From all of the above, we can conclude -independent reception and the appointment of dosage can be done and organized, but only at your own risk. On the one hand, there will not be an overdose of the drug - it's good. And on the other hand, injections are not very pleasant. And not every child will agree to injections. Therefore, it receives ambiguous "Cerebrum compositum" reviews. Children drink this solution, by the way, also possible. To do this, dissolve the whole ampoule in 50 milliliters of water, and then distribute the resulting solution for a day. That the child did not experience discomfort, it is possible to pour out "Cerebrum compositum" in any drink. For example, in juice. The frequency of reception - once a week.


Do not forget about such a factor as the pricegoods. When it comes to medicines, the price tag strongly affects the popularity and rating of the drug. As already mentioned, very often "Cerebrum compositum" is assigned to children. Comments from moms and dads on the cost remain pretty good. Often even parents themselves ask doctors to advise them on the use of "Cerebrum" at home. Prevention for the sake of.

Serebrum compositum children instruction

And all this because on average one packagethe funds will cost the buyer 1,200 rubles. Not too expensive if you take into account how much the drug is distributed. The child will have enough of this for a period of one to four months. So on the budget this drug will not hit. And this, of course, pleases. After all, most of the medicines in Russia, especially children's, are expensive.


The last thing left to be clarified is that,how effective is our medicine today. Perhaps, this is the most important thing that only can be. It's not for nothing that doctors write out "Cerebrum compositum" for children. Parents' reviews about this medication are, in most cases, pleasing.

Serebrum compositum for children up to 1 year

Why? After the first application, you will see progress. Not strong, but it will. A few weeks later the result will only please. "Cerebrum compositum" really helps children develop and remain always curious and active. In children up to a year, this effect is difficult to see. You just notice how the child began to develop and behave more calmly. Just remember - "Cerebrum compositum" is not a solution to all the health problems of the child. Do not neglect the recommendations of doctors during the course of treatment.

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