Treatment of angina at home.

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Angina is called acute infectiousa disease in which the lymphoid formations of the okoloth's ring become inflamed. As a rule, these are tonsils or palatine tonsils located on the sides at the entrance to the pharynx. Bacterial flora that causes angina is diverse, but it is usually caused by streptococcus. This disease is most common among children, but this does not mean that adults do not need to be cautious.

Before, to understand, what is the treatment of angina inAt home, you need to understand her symptoms. Streptococcus begins to develop and after a couple of days you will feel chills, weakness, sore throat during swallowing and headache. For chills, as a rule, the temperature rises to 39C. If you look into your throat, you can see that it will be red, inflamed, on the tonsils will appear small pustules or white coating. Feel also the lymph nodes that are under the jaw. Most likely, they will be swollen, painful and dense. Treatment of angina at home is possible, but only after consulting a doctor. He will definitely tell you that angina, unlike a cold, can not be moved "on your feet." The whole point is that you can cure angina at home, but only by observing bed rest. This is the only way you can avoid complications in the form of myocarditis, rheumatism or inflammation of the middle ear.

Treatment of angina at home can beto conduct in different ways. First of all, you need to gargle often. Traditional medicine offers for this infusion of sage, which is prepared as follows: two cups of boiling water you need to pour 4 teaspoons of sage leaves, insist half an hour and strain. You can also gargle with beet juice, decoction of plantain, onion husks, thyme infusion, calanchoe juice or blueberry broth.

Treatment of angina at home suggestsconsumption of a large amount of liquid in the form of water, tea, compote or juice. Also doctors advise to use kissel, as it well reduces pain due to the fact that it envelops the sore throat. This helps to prevent dehydration, which occurs due to high temperature and moisture evaporation from the surface of your skin, to detoxify the body and the temperature itself. It is also useful to make inhalations using oil solutions of fir or eucalyptus.

The heat you can hold up toone week. Do not immediately knock it down, let the body fight with the disease and take action only if it rises to 38 degrees. Although those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and children need to knock it down even earlier. If you decide to get sick at home, try not to infect anyone else. To do this, you must wear a gauze bandage and limit contact with your home.

Treatment of angina at home is exceptionalpeople's means are not able to give impressive results. In any case, you need to see a doctor who will prescribe antibiotics for you. It is strictly forbidden to take them at your discretion. Antibiotics are usually given in the form of injections, although local sprays can also be used.

After the transferred angina in humans significantlyimmunity decreases. This is due to the fact that it strikes the tonsils, and in fact this body is responsible for protecting our body from infections and viruses. Therefore, doctors advise after the illness to protect themselves from hypothermia, to try so far not to get sick any more and necessarily drink a course of vitamins. The insidiousness of angina is that it can develop into a chronic form and for many years spoil your life from time to time. Therefore, it needs to be cured completely and, if necessary, to go to hospital.

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