Paint "Raptor": price, reviews, colors. The effectiveness of the protective coating "Raptor"

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Those car owners who are expensive appearancecar, try to protect LCP. The company U-POL has created a product that will reliably protect the body. This is the paint "Raptor". What is this coverage? Features of Raptor, its pros and cons are discussed in our today's article.

Protective agent for trucks

Initially, this compound was created as aprotective layer for trucks. Protect the bodies of these cars had for one commonplace reason - most of the goods left on the paint surface scratches. Then moisture was absorbed into these scuffs and as a result, corrosion was formed. It was necessary to create a protective coating that would not be erased under any circumstances.

paint raptor
If you look at the market of protective coatings forcars, the paint "Raptor" - this is one of hundreds of similar compounds. But often the owners of off-road cars, rather than commercial trucks, pay attention to this product. And all because off-road paint car is damaged not less than trucks. Especially if the jeep is prepared for off-road.

Composition of the product

Many people wonder what the composition of the "Raptor", thatfor the layer it forms. This protective agent provides a two-component protective coating of increased strength on a polyurethane basis. This product, according to manufacturers, is able to protect not only from the impact of stones or branches. Protective coating "Raptor" also persistently withstands the impact of corrosion, road reagents, various molds. Also used in extremely low or high temperatures.

With this tool, you can restoreworn out surfaces of a body of commercial cars - trucks or pickups. After application, a durable layer is formed on the body that does not allow moisture to pass through. It perfectly withstands the mechanical effects of low and medium intensity, as well as ultraviolet.

paint raptor reviews
In other words, it is significantmodernized polyurethane or plastic. But in the composition there is one more special component that makes the coating as durable as possible. Naturally, the exact formula will not be known due to commercial secrets.

Packaging, available colors, special features

The paint "Raptor" is supplied both in large packages, the capacity of which is sufficient for processing the body, and in small ones. They are used for partial processing of damaged areas.

Large package contains 3-4 small bottleson 0,75 l each, and also one liter. The latter contains a special hardener, which is necessary for fixing the composition. It is enough to process 10-12 square meters of surface.

Raptor painting
Also in the kit you can find a specialgun for applying paint. But practice shows that this product falls well even when applied with a brush. For example, it is possible to work with a brush where the flatness of the coating is uncritical - under the bottom or in the lower parts of the sides.

In the complete set there is an instruction where it is written, howmust be painted "Raptor". The colors that are on sale are black and white. But any other shade can be formed by means of tinting. Black is most popular - it is acquired in 50% of cases.

Features of preparation

Before applying to the surface, the paint "Raptor"should be prepared. It is necessary to mix the composition and hardener in a proportion of 3 to 1. Since the capacity of the bottles is 750 grams, there are still 250 to add hardener. As a result, one liter of the finished product is obtained. Stir the mixture for a minute.

The manufacturer offers a variety of optionshardeners. "Raptor" is sold in various concentrations and with different technical characteristics. There are options that turn into a solid state within half an hour after application.

If you purchased a branded kit, then the bottle withThe finished mixture is easily connected to the gun that comes with the kit. Now it remains to connect the compressor and you can start work. The paint is applied at a distance of approximately 40-50 cm from the surface to be treated. Often, do not apply more than 2-3 layers. This is quite enough. It is necessary to replace, that at drawing of the big layers, the structure can lose the durability that will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Features of application

In general, the paint "Raptor" (its photo is in ourarticle) almost does not differ from the ordinary one. But the application process is different from conventional paintwork. The manufacturer states that it is possible to perform work directly in the open air. But it is better to work in a box where there is no dust, wind and rain.

raptor paint price
First, close all the elements that will notare needed. It's a bumper, a glass, a wheel. Ideally, the body needs to be dismantled. If it has traces of corrosion, foci of mold, rot, then all this must be removed. Damaged parts are cleaned. If there are dents or other damage, they should be aligned.

Next, remove the gloss.This can be done with abrasive disks. Why do this? This is done to ensure that the protective coating is better kept on the surface. After that, the surface is treated with special etching primers. Plastic parts are covered with adhesive primers.

paint raptor pictures
Next is carried out directly painting"Raptor". It is applied in two or three layers so that the effect is higher. Before applying the next layer, allow to dry the previous one. It must be remembered that a protective coating does not form immediately. Do not immediately after the drying of the "Raptor" immediately go off-road. To form a protective layer, must pass a minimum of 21 days.

After drying, you will get a rough surfacewith shagreen. It must be said that the level of shagreen is regulated by a spray gun. At an elevated pressure, the roughness level will be practically minimal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Painting "Raptor" is possible by own hands, thatis an indisputable plus. After application the sound insulation will improve - the stones on the wheel arches knock much more quietly. The composition protects the body metal from moisture, temperature effects, reagents. The protective layer reliably protects against corrosion. The product has good adhesion not only with any metals, but also with any other materials. For painting, no special conditions must be observed. The composition is easy to apply as a complete pistol, and brush. The body does not require special training. The manufacturer notes that the protection will be in effect for a long time.

paint color raptor
When using this protective paint,the surface will be matte. Unfortunately, gloss can not be obtained. On the metal roughness will be noticeable. The composition will begin to function at full strength only 21 days after application. Remove the protective layer is not so simple.

Coverage of "Raptor": impressions of real users

Let's see what actually representsa protective paint "Raptor". Reviews will tell you about the effectiveness of the product better than any advertising. Fans of off-road raids have checked the product in action. They put everything in order, then waited for the right time, and the field went to the forest, where the car was scratched by branches, touched the trees, which literally ripped off the body.

protective coating raptor
But nothing happened - the cover is reallyprotects. After washing the car there were no scratches left. On the body there are only small and shallow traces of trees that are removed after easy polishing.


Raptor really protects the surface.If it is applied correctly, it will last very long. Also it is necessary to consider how much it costs "Raptor" (paint). The price is 6900 per set. The car looks very impressive and interesting. Best looks black color. The composition repels water. Since the coating is unique, this is a good protection against hijacking. If you want to sell the car, there will be problems - the view is still unique. If there is an accident, then not everyone will agree to paint the car.

This is the color of "Raptor". Reviews show that the product is really effective, and this is not just another marketing.

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