Echinacea Compositum

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The effect of the drug Echinacea Compositumis aimed at restoring the active balanced work of the humoral and cellular links of the immune system. Its immunomodulating effect promotes the manifestation of indirect antiviral and antibacterial effects in the course of the expressed detoxification and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to the balanced and complex immunomodulatory effect of Echinacea Compositum can be used without mandatory preliminary diagnosis of the state of the patient's immune system. With the timely use of the medication in patients with inflammatory ailments of an acute nature, the probability of their transition into a chronic form, accompanied by inflammatory proliferative processes and the persistence of pathogens, is significantly reduced. The use of Echinacea means Compositum is especially effective for the treatment of patients, long and often suffering from bacterial and viral infectious diseases.

The medication is included in the number of basicantihomotoxic agents that are used in the treatment of chronic and acute inflammatory lesions of different localization and etiology. The greatest effect is observed when it is combined with medicines Lymphomyosot H and Traumeel C. In some cases, Echinacea Compositum is included in the composition of the drug regimens. Then its reception can be used along with any medications.

The use of medicines in the treatment of lethargicinflammatory lesions, which are provoked by an areactive state of protection or immunosuppression, may be accompanied by an increase in body temperature for a short time. As the intensity of intoxication decreases, this manifestation passes. Improvements in the general condition of the patient indicate an initial stage in restoring the normal functioning of protective systems in the body. The use of medication by patients with a marked elevated temperature (more than 39º) is possible only after a preliminary reduction of it by at least half a degree (up to 38.5º).

The drug is used for purulent-inflammatoryand inflammatory lesions of acute or chronic course. Diseases can differ in etiology and localization. The drug is indicated for furunculosis, panaritium, carbuncle, abscess, osteomyelitis, phlegmon. The medication is also prescribed for pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary abscess and gangrene, empyema of the pleura. The indications for use include and mastitis, adnexitis, endometritis, otitis, cystitis, sinusitis, abscess in the abdominal cavity, stomatitis, meningitis, appendicitis, cholecystitis. The drug is effective in immunodeficiency states (frequent flu and ARVI), accompanied by complications in the form of fever of unknown etiology, prolonged subfebrile condition and others. The drug can also be prescribed for septic conditions and intoxication syndrome (sepsis, septicemia).

Echinacea Compositum. Instructions

A single dose of medicament for an adultis one ampoule (2.2 ml). For children from one to three years is used from one sixth to one fourth of the volume of one ampoule. For children under six years, the dose increases to one third or one-second of the volume of the ampoule. Children older than six years can use adult dosage (one ampoule).

The medication is administered intravenously, subcutaneously or intramuscularly once a day once or three times a week.

The treatment course can be from two to six weeks.

Many patients who used the drug EchinaceaCompositum ", reviews about it are positive, immunity has increased, which in turn helped to cope with ailments.Many parents use medicine injections for preventive purposes for children.

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