Complex preparation "Cerebrum Compositum": instructions for use

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medicine cerebrum compositum
A tool called "Cerebrum Composite"The instruction characterizes as a complex homeopathic preparation, which is part of the group of regulators of metabolic processes in the nervous system. As a result of taking this medicine, the desensitization of the so-called immunocompetent cells substantially increases and the immune response of the organism rises. In addition, thanks to such a complex agent as the drug "Cerebrum Compositum", the condition of the walls of the vessels is normalized, the degree of venous outflow and the pulse filling change. In addition, this homeopathic preparation produces a slight antispastic effect, is characterized by a weak vasodilator effect, and also improves the excretion of various kinds of toxins from the body and stimulates metabolic processes.

Description of pharmacokinetics of the preparation

The basis of the drug under consideration is the change in the electrical processes occurring in the human brain, and an increase in the indices of the so-called interhemispheric coherence.

In this case, the most active homeopathic"Cerebrum Compositum" means (the instruction explains it by its composition) affects the functions of the subcortical structures related to the diencephalic region. In addition, as a result of the use of this drug reduces the irrigation of the cortex and normalcy of cortical rhythm. Also this complex agent, by stimulating the catabolism of catecholamines, affects the metabolism of the latter, thereby exerting a pronounced psychoactivating effect. Among other things, it has a weak anticholinergic, moderate antiparkinsonian and timoleptic effects.

Serebrum compositum instruction

Indications for prescription

Use a homeopathic remedy "CerebrumCompositum "the instruction recommends for the treatment of encephalopathies of various genesis, neurasthenia, vegetovascular dystonia and the consequences of head injuries.In addition, the mentioned medication is often prescribed for multiple sclerosis, depression and post-stroke states.

For the treatment of patients suffering from encephalitis,neuralgia or Parkinson's disease, the complex preparation "Cerebrum Compositum" is also very suitable. The guideline recommends that it be used to minimize the risk of complications following neurosurgical interventions;

injections of cerebrum compositum
composition of therapy of lateral atrophic sclerosis,children's cerebral palsy, local pathologies in the system of venous circulation. Also, this tool has a positive effect in reducing attention, geriatric changes in the nervous system, memory disorders, diseases of the arteries and veins. In addition, it is actively used to stimulate nonspecific immunity and regenerative processes, prevent atherosclerotic disorders in the blood supply system, prevent the reduction of physical and mental abilities in organic defeats of the nervous system, migraines or chronic stress.

Basic Contraindications

Assign injections "Cerebrum Composite"the manufacturer strictly does not recommend people with increased individual sensitivity to quinine. In addition, do not use this homeopathic remedy for patients with an allergic reaction to any of the components present in its composition. Finally, it is strictly forbidden to apply this complex drug to people under the age of eighteen.

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