"Lyrics": reviews (tablets) and instructions for use

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Pharmacists around the world are struggling toinvent a medicine that suppresses the pain during withdrawal from drug addicts who have taken drugs. After all, it is she who is the main reason that the person again sits on the needle. Usually it passes very painfully, the patient may experience seizures. Tinea pain is very difficult to tolerate without medication. As a result, a person breaks down and starts using drugs again.

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Interesting about the drug "Lyrics" reviews. Tablets are prescribed by doctors, mainly with drug dependence - both heroin and medicament. Specialists-narcologists notice the positive dynamics of pain relief.

A new drug - "Lyrics"

This medicine appeared relatively recently. He is a good painkiller, but increasingly dependent people take it for completely different purposes. The paradox of this drug was that narcologists write it to help addicts from pain, and they use "Lyrical" as a stupefying drug. Until recently, this tool was on a free sale. Everyone could purchase this medicine.

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Law enforcement authorities carried out monitoring andunderstood for what purposes the drug is bought up, after which its free sale was banned. At this stage, the medication "Lyrics" is sold at pharmacies only on the prescription of a doctor.

The drug appeared relatively recently, butis a good painkiller. However, due to the fact that some people take it for their own specific purposes, the drug "Lyrics" reviews is extremely controversial. The bulk writes about the extraordinary properties of the drug in question. For example, it is mentioned that it relieves muscle pain. However, there are a lot of angry letters from parents, whose children began to use this drug to get high.

Dishonesty of medical staff

Unfortunately, in recent years, pharmacies have become moreto resemble the transshipment point of drug dealers. So many drugs are used to get high! Many pharmacists have shown themselves not on the best side, haggling from under the floor with narcotic drugs, without requiring a prescription. The drug "Lyrics", reviews of doctors about which only eulogistic, has become a cheap means for obtaining drugs intoxication. In connection with this state of affairs, physicians became the subject of close attention of law enforcement bodies. As a result, there was a serious cleansing of the ranks of medical personnel and pharmacy workers.


Consider its pharmacological properties, as the drug "Lyrical" reviews have won different. They also cause a lot of contradictory rumors.

Its main purpose is to combatneuropathy in diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy. The medicine relieves nervous tension, relaxes the muscle tone, making the epileptic seizures more easy.

The main constituent of the drugis the substance pregabalin, which is an analog of aminosolic acid. What is it? Pregabalin is an ideal remedy for seizures, an excellent painkiller. The drug "Lyrics" is usually taken on an empty stomach, as the absorption of the constituent components of the medicament is much more effective on an empty stomach. The effect of the drug is manifested after 1 hour.

Doctors express their opinion in medicalmagazines and on the forums about the drug "Lyrics". Reviews tablets of this group can not have unambiguous. Moreover, to date, no side effects have been fully studied, therefore no specialist can at the moment talk about the consequences of the continuous use of the drug.

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Sensitivity to a medicine

Side effects of the drug are drowsinessand a lack of coordination. There may be dry mouth and speech disorders. Clinical trials have not revealed any significant changes in overdose. Light dizziness accompanies the entire duration of the drug.

With a special sensitivity to the componentscomponents may begin vomiting, there will be faints, in extreme cases - a coma. However, the question arises: is the therapeutic property of the Lyrical drug so effective, and why do doctors assign it indiscriminately to all dependent patients, because there are heroin and drug addicts? The new medicine "Lyrics" reviews from doctors call the polar. On the one hand, it is clearly suitable for certain diseases. But equally important is that it is used in intoxicating purposes.

Drug-dependent and "Lyrics"

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During the treatment of patients with heroindependence the main goal of therapy is the removal of muscle pain. In drug addicts, such feelings are not so pronounced. The question arises: why is this drug administered to all dependent patients?

Considering the doctors' comments about this drug, it can be noted that everyone is unanimous in their opinion. They advertise "Lyrics" as an effective tool.

Perhaps this is an ordinary advertisement, servingthe soonest sale of this medication is "Lyrics" (tablets). Reviews (the price of the drug is 680-700 rubles for 14 capsules with a dosage of 75 mg) indicate that this drug does not belong to the category of cheap medicines.

Tablets "Lyrics": instructions, reviews

Obviously, it is best to prescribe the drugpeople suffering from pain, not drug-dependent patients. Dosage should be determined by a specialist. He will take into account not only the general recommendations for various diseases, but also the state of the patient's body.

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In narcology, the drug "Lyrics" gives an effectlight buzz. Maybe he removes the addiction, but in return develops a new addiction. Who should beware of this? The heroin addicts are most often dependent on the drug in question. They have an opinion that this medicine can be compared with opium substances, because the remedy is so popular in this environment. Some of them, speaking about the action of the "Lyrics", especially note the property of the drug to enhance the influence of opium. The action of the drug is prolonged and intensified several times. There are people who use this medicine in huge quantities - 300 mg per day, which is simply unacceptable. Typically, the day of withdrawal is prescribed 2-3 capsules 2-3 times a day. However, according to clinical data, patients are more likely to get used to a drug that has been replaced with narcotic drugs.

Condition after taking the drug

In patients who were prescribed this drug,there was a decrease in pain, cessation of seizures. But this positive effect is easily broken, exceeding the dosage of the medicine. The patient slightly dilates the pupils, he swings from side to side, he can not stand exactly in one place. Then comes the phase of excitability, when there are sharp, nervous chaotic movements, acceleration of speech, aimless movements in the room. Sometimes there is a hysterical condition and attacks of uncontrolled panic. All this causes an overdose of the drug "Lyrics". Reviews of the tablet therefore deserve controversial. While they help one patient, others do harm.


Official contraindications for taking the drug "Lyrics" are:

  • planning and pregnancy itself;
  • lactation period;
  • Driving under the influence of medication.

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Also forbid to combine this medication with alcohol or other psychotropic substances. Do not recommend it to appoint with kidney disease.

Considering the doctors' comments on this drugdrug, it can be noted that not all are unanimous in their opinion. Most advertise "Lyrical" as an effective tool, but among experts there are those who oppose the appointment of this drug.

Instruction of the medicine "Lyrics" (pills, doctors' reviews about which are most often positive) makes patients think more than once before resorting to its use.

Side effects

When using this drug inAs an analgesic for the effect it is necessary to wait about 1 hour. Pulsating pains, muscle, headaches pass without a trace, easing the suffering of patients. The doctors' comments, however, also testify to the numerous negative consequences of taking the drug, such as:

  • decreased sexual function and anorgasmia;
  • the complexity of communication;
  • hallucinations, passing into a panic state;
  • a fog in the eyes;
  • decreased vision;
  • increased fatigue;
  • reduction and total absence of erection in men.

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It should be understood that the treatment of anyailment can become addictive to the drug "Lyrics." The reviews of the tablet deserve a variety, they cause a lot of controversy among both doctors and patients, but they continue to be appointed by therapists.

There are no long-term clinicalresearch, so there is no exact information about the consequences of long-term treatment with "Lyric" medication. The fact of getting used to the drug is very worrying. In fact then it is necessary to treat already lyric-dependent patients.

"Lyrics" and teenagers

It is very dangerous to take this medicationteenagers, who are increasingly seen in pharmacies for the purchase of the drug. Uncontrolled use of the medicine leads to changes in the psyche. And adolescents become addicted to the drug much faster than adults. In addition, very often young people combine the drug with alcohol to increase the narcotic effect. This can fatally affect the health and fragile psyche of a young organism. The state of depression during long-term non-targeted reception of "Lyrics" is marked, a person can become inadequate.

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