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The desire to have a child is a natural aspirationboth for women and for men. However, not always the long-awaited moment of conception occurs as quickly as potential parents expect. There can be many reasons for this. However, most of them are usually associated with the state of health of the reproductive system of a woman or a man. It is important to contact a competent specialist to correctly determine the cause of difficulties with conception.

In the event that the survey confirmedthe presence of a problem in the functioning of the male sex glands, which became an obstacle to conception, it is important to choose a quality and safe drug that can correct the current state of things. Realizing the importance of selecting an effective remedy, many resort to the help of homeopathic medicines. One such popular means is Testis compositum. Customer feedback confirms its effectiveness. However, in fact, this drug will help achieve the desired effect? What is its pharmacological action and how is it provided? Are there any contraindications to its use? Does this drug cause any side effects? How to take it right? The answers to these and some other questions can be found in this article.

testas composit instructions for use review


"Testis compositum" is a solution forinjections. It includes a number of specialized components (including animals, vegetable, mineral and suis-organ), which are attached to the male sex glands or to tissues and organs, on which the normal mechanism of their functioning depends.

The drug in question isunique in the field of regulation and restoration of male sexual glands, that is, it has absolutely no analogues in its pharmacological action. "Testis compositum" customer reviews and specialists define as an exceptionally effective and safe drug.


Each ampoule contains the followingactive components: test suis D4, embryo suis D8, glandula suprarenalis suis D13, potassium picrinicum D6, ginseng D4, damian D8, caladium segninum D6, corissus D8, cortisone D13, vitex sacred D6, selenium D10, strychnineum phosphoricum D6, cantharose D8 , curare D8, hemlock spotted D28, duneplus D28, phosphorus D8, dienecephalon suis D10, magnesium phosphoricum D10, ferrule phosphoricum D10, manganum phosphoricum D8, zincum metalcum D10, ascorbic acid D6. As additional components, water and an isotonic (0.9%) solution of sodium chloride are present.

testis compositum reviews for conception

Form of issue

More and more people use the drug "Testiscompositum "for conception, because the drug is produced in the form of a solution for injections (which ensures the fastest action of the components of the drug in the body, and therefore significantly increases its effectiveness) in ampoules of 2.2 milliliters. , the package contains five such ampoules.

Indications for use

A number of conditions under which"Testis compositum". Description of the drug contains the following indications for the use of this drug: a metabolic disorder in the body of a man (the cause may be permanent fatigue, a significant muscle weakness, up to dystrophy, exhaustion of the organism of any genesis, etc.), as well as any malfunctions in the functioning of the male sex glands such disorders include diseases such as prostate adenoma, impotence caused by various causes, urinary incontinence and accelerated ejaculation).

 test drug composite effect

Mode of application

Apply the drug "Testis compositum" reviews anddoctors advise in strict accordance with the instruction. The working dose of the drug is 2.2 milliliters (the contents of one ampoule). The drug should be administered from one to three times a week for a period of three to six weeks (the exact dosage will be determined by the attending physician). The drug can be administered in various ways: intravenously, intramuscularly, subcutaneously, to acupuncture points or by the method of stepwise autohemotherapy. Sometimes the drug is taken internally.

Benefits of use

"Testis compositum" reviews stronglyrecommend, because this medication effectively establishes the functioning of the male sex glands, improves a number of spermogram indices, dramatically improves the quality of life, improves the prognosis of the existing diseases. The drug in question has no analogues in its field, while it is compatible with other drugs. Treatment for them can last long enough for recovery.

preparation test composite for conception release form

pharmachologic effect

The composition of the drug in questionincludes more than twenty three different components that are specially manufactured and combined into a unique homeopathic preparation. The effect of the drug is directed to the regeneration of homologous tissue, improving the management of the autonomic functions of the body, correcting the negative consequences of taking previously used glucocorticosteroid therapy, restoring the working state of the adrenal cortex and safely flowing oxidation-reduction processes and vitamin C metabolism, and activating the functions of the male sex glands.

As evidenced by the drug "Testiscompositum "reviews, including specialists, thanks to a combination of unique properties of its constituent components, the drug has the following general effect on the body: antioxidant, trophic, vasodilating, anti-inflammatory, regenerating to the male reproductive gland tissue, regulating and stimulating the function of the testicles, detoxification matrix of the whole male organism as a whole.

preparation test for compositum for conception of contraindication

The drug "Testis compositum": side effect

Most drugs have a number ofconditions in the presence of which it would be dangerous to apply them. If we talk about the safety of the drug "Testis compositum", instructions for use, the reviews focus on the fact that he has absolutely no side effects. This fact pleases consumers. You can safely use the drug "Testis compositum" for conception. Contraindications to the use of medicines are also absent. This drug can be used by any man, regardless of his current condition or a history of the disease.

testis compositum drug description

Compatibility with other drugs

In the event that you use the drug "Testiscompositum "for conception, in parallel with it, you can use without any unnecessary worries any other necessary medications. The medication in question is compatible with all other medicines.

drug testis compositum for conception

"Testis compositum" has already become a real salvationfor many couples who wanted to have children. The course of treatment with the drug helped thousands of men to establish the normal functioning of their gonads and, as a result, provided the possibility of fertilization. Both family planning specialists and consumers strongly recommend it. Unique, effective, safe - thus determine the drug "Testis compositum" reviews. For the conception, probably, there is no safer medicine that can establish the mechanism of the male genital organs.

Of course, there are opportunities for significantway to enhance the effectiveness of the drug by preparing your body. How? The future father is important as soon as possible to break with past bad habits (be it smoking, alcohol abuse or use of even more dangerous substances). It is also necessary to develop good habits. It is about nutrition, drinking regimen and sports. The right diet will enable the body to take from the food all the necessary microelements, vitamins and minerals for its normal functioning and successful struggle with the diseases that are troubling at the moment.

It is also important to consume enoughclean drinking water (the minimum allowed daily allowance for an adult is two liters) and, if possible, replace it with other liquids as little as possible, be it coffee, tea or juice.

Regular intensive physical activitywill provide good blood circulation, as well as free lymph flow, which will inevitably positively affect the condition of the body of a man. Do not neglect the transition to a healthy lifestyle, especially at a time when the family plans to have a baby. The fact that the health of the baby is affected only by the state of the mother's body - an annoying delusion. Both parents are responsible for what they will invest in the future baggage of the child's health. Therefore, men should also take this serious step with all responsibility.

Choose high-quality drugs that will not harm you, and enjoy the opportunity to live in a new role - the role of the parent!

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