Car brands: badges and names (photo)

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In the world there are a huge number of brandscars, some of them are known all over the world. The machines became an integral part of the needs of mankind, the first modifications were created by enthusiasts and craftsmen, and later the vehicle issues gained wide scope and mass production. There are at least 500 car brands around the world (these are only those that are used outside of one country). Consider the features of the most popular logos.

Car badges and names

Chinese car brands

Below are the most popular brands from the Middle Kingdom and a brief description of them:

  1. Chery. The emblem of this brand traces the letter "A" in the form of an ellipse. In addition, the icon symbolizes the outline of hands, which is inherent in unity and strength.
  2. FAW. The full version of the abbreviation is First Automobile Works. Also on the plate there is a symbolic image of the eagle for the Chinese. In fact, it is a company that spreads its wings and confidently conquers space.
  3. Geely. The corporation was established in 1986. The Chinese car brand has an emblem with a white bird wing on the background of the mountain and the blue sky. The name itself, in one of the interpretations, translates as "happiness."
  4. Great Wall. In Russian, the name of the company is "The Great Wall". This patriotic name is embodied in the logo of the brand, reminiscent of the tooth of the Chinese wall. It embodies the style, elegance and high technology of the produced equipment.
  5. Lifan. At this enterprise of the Chinese car industry they selected an icon depicting three sailboats. In translation, the name of the company is "walking on all sails".

Japanese car brands

The emblem of the famous corporation Honda is made in the form of a stylized letter "H" in the basis of a square with rounded corners. The letter symbolizes the name of the creator of the company Honda Soichiro.

The Toyota brand logo is multifaceted,represents three ellipses. Two of them are intertwined in the form of the letter "T". There are several interpretations of this symbol. In one of them, they notice the thread that is threaded into the needle (the mention of the weaving past of the firm). In another interpretation - see the combined hearts (driver and vehicle), which encircles the general ellipse.

Mitsubishi. In translation, the name of this brand is three diamonds. They are depicted on the emblem of the corporation and the family coat of arms of its creator Iwasaki. It is noteworthy that the badge has not been changed since its inception, it often occurs on the domestic market.

The brand of Nissan cars has an emblem withimage of the rising sun and inscribed in the middle of the brand name. The interpretation of the meaning of the logo is sincerity, leading to success. One of the oldest Japanese companies has been holding this brand for more than 80 years.

Suzuki. At the beginning of the development this concern was engaged in the production of weaving looms and motorcycles. On the brand name plate there is a modified S.

Suzuki brand logo

Machines produced in the USA

Car brands with T,transformed into the configuration of the sword, belong to the company "Tesla", which produces the most famous electric car. It is named after the physicist from Serbia, Nikola Tesla.

The logo of the popular American brand Pontiac posted a red arrow, which is located between a pair of impressive air intakes.

There is an image on the Chrysler badgepeculiar wings, emphasizing the swiftness and strength of the produced cars. The corporation has been operating since 1924 and includes a number of well-known automobile brands.

The Cadillac logo looks stylish. In the center of the nameplate is the family coat of arms of the kind of founders who were among the founders of the industrial capital of the United States, Detroit.

There is information that the emblem for the Chevrolet brand was chosen by the owner of the corporation William Durant, copying it from a pattern on the wallpaper in one of the hotels in France.

A little more about the American brands

Buick brand manufacturers more than oncechanged the style of their logo with intricate forms. On a modern badge in a circle are located on the diagonal three silvery arms. They symbolize the three most successful modifications.

The former military jeep Hummer has an uncomplicated badge, on which the name of the car is simply stamped. The emblem is located on the radiator eight-lane grating.

Concern GMC has been operating for more than 100 years. The brand logo is rather reserved, it is the red abbreviation of the company.

The Ford badge shows the familiar ellipse with the name of the founder (Henry Ford) on a blue background printed in uppercase.

Japanese and Chinese car logos

German cars

The brand of Mercedes-Benz carsspecializes in the production of passenger cars of various classes, as well as trucks and buses. As a logo, three rays are used in the form of a star placed in a circle. These elements symbolize superiority on land, in water and air, as the firm also produces power units for aviation and water transport.

Bavarian automobile corporation BMW startedits activities with the release of products for the flight industry. In this regard, initially on the nameplate of the enterprise there was a propeller. Then a circle appeared with a wide black border. The interior of the logo is divided into four sectors in a staggered order (a pair of compartments of blue color, and the other two parts - silvery color). In the first case, colors symbolize the flag of Bavaria, and silver shades - steel.

Other car brands from Germany

Since machines made in Germany are a symbol of quality throughout the world, it is necessary to pay attention to other well-known manufacturers from this country:

  1. Badges of brands of cars of concern of Audi reflect merge of four firms. This is expressed by means of four chrome rings. The second decoding of the symbol is the designation of automobile wheels.
  2. Designers from Opel stopped on a kind of"Lightning", indicating the speed and swiftness of the vehicle. On the original versions of the logo there was also the word "blitz", which was then removed from the general concept.
  3. For Volkswagen, the logo was developed by Xavier Rimespis for a prize of one hundred marks. It represents the original layout of the letters W and V.
    Logos of German cars

United Kingdom

The well-known brand Rover was created in the 19th century. The general configuration of the emblem is made in the style of the Vikings. In the image appeared different types of weapons. In the modern variation on the sign there is a golden boat with a red sail on a black background.

Rolls-Royce produces transportmeans of premium category. On her badge there are two letters R, placed one above the other with a small offset. The founders of the company (Charles Rolls and Frederick Royce) immortalized their names in the logo as far back as 1904. Almost 100 years later, the company bought the attribute "BMW", spending more than 40 million pounds sterling on it.

"Aston Martin". The first emblem of this brand was intertwined letters A and M. Later on the nameplate appeared wings, identifying speed, as a feature of the brand of cars of this manufacturer. One of the variants of the emblem was supplemented by the name of the owner David Brown.


The Renault brand chose a stylized diamond for itself against a yellow background. The author of the emblem invested in him prosperity and optimism in future development.

The logo of the French brand Peugeot is depicteda lion in a three-dimensional form, which is a symbol of dynamics. The manufacturer is famous in Russia, its products are characterized by a low content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases.

The Citroen badge contains a heraldic meaning. His creator began his career with a steam locomotive repairman. As a result, a pair of military chevrons appeared on the logo, indicating a significant experience.


Founder of the Ferrari Corporation Enzo Ferrarideveloped the logo for a long time. Initially, it was a horse (or rather, a prancing stallion), then the letter designation SF was added. Also present on the logo are yellow colors, in honor of the banner of Milan. On the last variant in the upper part of the steel indicate the colors of the national flag.

Designers of the Turin company Fiat alsoexperimented with their brand name, making it in a square and round performance. As a result, they combined both elements, placing the name of the firm on the inside. The symbolism informs about the developers' pride with their child, taking into account many years of experience.

Alfa Romeo has a logo that consists ofa red cross on a white background and a snake eating a person. The first element is included in the coat of arms of Milan, and the second part is an exact copy of the heraldry of the Visconti dynasty.

List of car brands

Other European producers

Below are the brands of cars (badges and names) of other popular manufacturers from Europe:

  1. Bentley. On the nameplate, the main element is the letter B, framed by wings. Thus, manufacturers wanted to point out the speed, strength and independence of their machines. It is noteworthy that racing models have a green color frame, a black tint characterizes powerful versions, and more sophisticated modifications - in green color.
  2. Dacia.This was the name of the territory of modern Romania. The plant itself is located in the city of Pitesti. The first version of the company's logo resembled a scaled dragon. The modern logo resembles the letter D, and on its straight horizontal line the name is written completely. Silvery shade indicates the belonging to the enterprise "Renault".
  3. Which car brand is one of the moststatus in Europe? Many experts believe that this is Maybach. The brand emblem is two letters M of different sizes that intersect each other. The decoding is Maybach-Manufactory.
    Car badges alphabetically

Korean companies

The icon of the popular Hyundai brand symbolizes the idea of ​​cooperation. Developers position the title letter H, as two partners shaking hands. Translation of the name of the company is a new time.

In the name of the brand of cars "Kia", like many well-known modern brands, the logo uses an ellipse with letters. They are part of the phrase, which translates as the entrance to the world of Asia.

SsangYong for himself chose a logo with a stylized display of wings and dragon's claws. Translation of the brand name - two dragons.

Domestic brands

Below we will consider the features of the emblems of Russian companies:

  1. VAZ. The updated emblem was chosen in 1994.It is a silver ellipse with a rook in the center. Even later, the blue background appeared on the badge, as well as the letters V and B. The rook symbolizes the region's peculiarity, because in ancient times cargo and passengers in the region could only be delivered by this transport.
  2. Studying the features of car brands in Russiacontinue with the no less famous firm GAZ. The logo of this plant in its original design resembled the analog of the "Ford". The modern emblem is a deer on a blue background. The name plate is used on passenger cars, trucks and other machines of this manufacturer.
  3. UAZ.For this plant, the engineer A. Rakhmanov developed the emblem. In the circle is inscribed a bird like the letter U. Also in the design of the logo later appeared a pentagon. The modern analogue resembles the original version, only green and with the company's Latin abbreviation at the bottom.
    Brands of Russian cars


Here is the list of brands of cars related to supercars:

  • The Maserati logo features the Neptune Trident. The firm was created in Bologna by six brothers. From the emblem of the city in the color of the logo went red and blue.
  • On the car label Lotus, the initials of the founder of the company, Anthony Bruce Colin Champion, are seen on a yellow and green background.
  • The main icon of the brand Lexus is a curved letter L, included in the oval, symbolizing luxury.
  • Lamborghini. This brand has an original emblem in black and gold with a bull in the center.
  • Lancia. At this firm own logo has undergone several transformations in terms of configuration and color design. Filling in the form of a shield, a helm and a flag on a spear remained constantly.
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