Draw animals in stages with a pencil. How to learn how to draw animals in stages?

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All children love to draw. And this is not surprising: after all, this creative process is interesting, with enthusiasm young artists master pencils and colors. At first, it is, according to the children themselves, Kalyaki Malyaki. Kids like to first just learn the colors. Next, the young artist depicts his family and everything that he sees around. You can teach children to draw with different techniques: let them try out pencils, paints, markers ... And often it happens that there is no place for wide imagination to clear up - how can you express something on a landscape sheet? Then the wallpaper is wallpaper, walls, tables and various other surfaces that are in the danger zone, where the child can get it. Just give him the task, in any case, to take the kid with something - it's safe for him and for the furniture, and still useful and exciting. For example, show him how to draw animals in pencil step by step - by all rules. At first, of course, it can not work, but training is the key to success. So, we draw animals in stages: everything is very simple and fast.

we draw animals in stages

Stage one: preparation for work

Of course, you can just draw the animal incenter the white sheet and leave it in the album. And you can make this work a real pride. First, decide what you will draw: for paints, for example, it is better to make a larger sketch. Teach your child to use a brush or sharpen pencils and erase unwanted lines with an eraser. Then select which animal you want to represent. If the artist shows interest in a certain animal, then draw it. In the process of drawing, you can tell the child about this beast. Next, decide on what background you represent the animal. If it is, for example, a cat, then create a homely atmosphere, place a tangle next to it. But if you have to portray the king of animals - a lion, then draw it in the savannah. The wolf will live in the picture in the winter forest, but the dolphin will live in the waters of warm seas. On the Internet, you can find many master classes on this topic. There are also lessons in illustrations that advise how to learn how to draw animals in stages - but they also need to be voiced, so that the artist understands why he draws those or other lines. You can copy, and you can invent the image yourself. So, we draw animals in stages. Consider the lesson on the example of several animals.

how to draw animals in pencil step by step

We learn to draw animals in stages. Step two: once a circle, two circles ...

Nobody starts to draw a cat from the eyes. Therefore, to begin, create a skeleton. Its basis is always simple. One figure is the body, the other is the head. A dog, for example, has a rectangular body and the same angular head. But the cat has a body that is elongated or round. Completely round forms in a pig. And fish have an oval. In order to draw a tortoise in the first stage, draw a semicircle as part of the shell. For convenience, mark the lines of symmetry on the muzzle. In this case, consider the pose of the animal, tilt and turn the head and so on. And first, do not overdo the complexity of the beast's figure. Then it goes with the paws. In a cat they are soft: make small curved poluovaly, and on them - 4 more small circles-fingers. In a dog, they are usually longer, and the foot itself is rectangular. But the pig has a hoof. At the drawn bug the paws widen downwards. Remember what shape the tail may have in the beast. For auxiliary lines, when we draw wild animals in stages, use a hard pencil or do not press on the paper strongly. After all, they will have to be removed later.

how to learn how to draw animals in stages

Stage three: Down with everything superfluous!

Since we are drawing animals in stages, we do nothurry with the image of the whole animal. When the contour is ready, merge all the figures with a smooth line. Do not forget about the folds of the skin. Do not follow the auxiliary lines blindly: they only prompt. At this step, when we draw animals in stages, you can erase lines where the paws connect to the body. Draw the neck. If you are depicting a kitten or any animal with wool, then think about whether to make the cheeks smooth (then adjust the auxiliary circle) or add wool (then the cheek will be triangular). One should also remember the ears: in fact the same muzzle without them or with ears of different shapes can belong to a frog, a dog, a cat, a fox or a bear. Drawing eyes, try to pay a lot of attention to the pupils and glare. If you draw a cartoon cat, then the eyes should be large. In general, enough a circle of the correct form (for placement of eyes use cross-curved lines on the face) and one more semicircle inside - the pupil. Approximately at the intersection of these lines, construct a spout: rounded in a dog, triangular in a cat or a round piglet in a pig. Down from the nozzle go the mouth and cheeks. You can do this with two curved lines. Do not forget about the expression of your beast's face. When everything is basic, you can safely wipe the auxiliary lines and proceed to smaller details and work out the background.

learn how to draw animals in stages

We draw animals in stages. Step Four: Beauty in Detail

If the muzzle is over, then think about what wouldyou wanted to see directly near the little animal: a bowl, a toy, a bone, a branch of a tree ... Maybe in the teeth your kitten holds a mouse or in the dog's fur - burdock? Or, for completeness, there are not enough flowers? Next, work out the background: forest, yard, aquarium, beach. It is very important to remember - when we paint animals in stages, we need to depict trees, stones, mountains in proportion to the beast, we must take into account how far these objects are. When you confidently put aside a simple pencil, proceed to decorating.

Step five: here we took the colors in hand ...

Here for the beginning, when we only learn to drawwild animals in stages, easiest to use pencils. Teach your child not to go beyond the contours of the animal's body. Let him not try to grab as much space as possible. Tell us that the wool grows in a certain direction, so it looks much better when the hairs can stand out, and at the same time be neat and tidy. On the folds the wool is darker, on the prominent places - lighter. Then proceed to the background. Start work from the top. The sky is painted evenly and horizontally so that no strokes can be seen. For foliage, try all kinds of spirals, squiggles.

drawing wild animals in stages

Create your own zoo!

The main thing is when we learn to draw animals -To understand that construction is important, which always has the same basis and principles. Pass with the child from simple animals to more complex ones. Try to depict them in motion, combine as many individuals in one picture: fish and dolphins playing kittens. Soon your zoo will expand, and the imagination of the young artist will not run out.

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