What should I do if I was bitten by a wasp in the tongue: first aid and recommendations

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Wasps are a representative of Diptera insects,which live on almost all continents. That's why many of us met with them, and the pain of their bite is hard to forget. The poison that penetrates the body when bitten has a number of characteristics and can affect the human body. Anxiety, in some cases panic, is caused by a situation where the wasp has bitten by the tongue. The organism reacts much faster in this case, and the symptoms appear brighter as the tissues of the oral cavity are not protected, the mucous membrane is thin. What if I was bitten by a wasp in the tongue?

Deep penetration of poison

In the mouth soft tissue, stinging canfreely penetrate very deeply. This moment determines the penetration of a large amount of poison. If the insect has flown into the mouth, in closed space it can bite several times. A lot of poison and its deep penetration leads to a quick reaction and even to a shock state. Therefore, in most cases, only others can help, for which you need to know what to do if you bite a wasp in the tongue.

What to do if you bite a wasp in the tongue

How can a wasp enter your mouth?

Some people, when considering the question,What to do, if you bite a wasp in the tongue, do not suspect the high prevalence of such a situation. The reasons why an insect gets into your mouth are quite a lot:

  1. It can accidentally fly into your mouth, as it moves quite quickly and along different trajectories.
  2. Even at a distance of several tens of meters fromAspen nests often occur a mass attack of insects, in which there is also the likelihood of a similar situation. In this case, insects randomly attack anyone who is near the nest.
  3. It is imperceptible to bring an insect into the mouth with sweet foods, which the wasps are very fond of.

Wasp bitten into the language what to do

The above points determine that the situation in question can happen to almost everyone. Therefore, you should know what to do if you bite a wasp in the tongue.

The bite of the wasp

The tongue has unprotected muscle tissue. Therefore, when you bite into it, the stinger enters completely, and you can not get rid of the insect quickly, a lot of poison penetrates into the tissue.

When the poison has got into the body, the following happens:

  1. Edema develops more strongly, since the liquid that forms when a toxin hits, fills the soft tissue faster.
  2. A strong burning sensation, which can be accompanied by itching, there is a desire to scratch the place of the bite.
  3. The headache also begins.

At the same time, many have an emotional factor- fear of death. In each case, the allergic reaction takes place differently, in some of them the tongue can increase so much that it does not fit into the mouth. What should I do if I was bitten by a wasp? Bite assistance should be provided by surrounding people or doctors immediately for the following reasons:

  1. Violated verbal communication.
  2. It is impossible to swallow.
  3. The process of chewing food is difficult.
  4. There is a possibility that the poison will cause symptoms of an allergic reaction associated with cardiovascular system dysfunction, as well as breathing.

The dog was bitten by a wasp in the tongue what to do

Even in the absence of pronounced symptoms of an allergic reaction, there is a possibility of difficulty breathing, which occurs with numerous bites.

Medical recommendations

Doctors give a lot of advice, answering the question what to do if the wasp stung. The rules for the provision of first aid are the mandatory application for medical assistance in the following cases:

  1. If the insect stung in the face.
  2. If the affected area is the tongue or larynx.
  3. If several insects attacked simultaneously, as there is a possibility of toxic poisoning.

The Osa bit her tongue

With a normal bite in the hand, if the allergic reaction is not manifested brightly, it is not necessary to seek medical help.

Group of allergy sufferers

Symptoms that are dangerous to human life cancause the poison of the insect in question in 2-3% of bitten people. To detect an allergy to wasp venom, it is possible during a special examination or after the first successful attack of an insect. In an allergic bite outside the mouth can cause serious symptoms: dizziness, choking, disruption of the digestive system and vomiting, nausea. The most dangerous manifestation is anaphylactic shock and loss of consciousness. In such cases, you should seek medical help without fail.

What should I do if I bite?

When the wasp was bitten into the language, what to do in this situation to the victim, if there are not nearby people who can help? If this situation occurs:

  1. We need to move away from the place where the attack was. The main thing is to avoid the attack of several insects, which is possible when they are near their nest.
  2. You should call those who can help. It is important to understand that an allergic reaction can begin suddenly, accompanied by a significant deterioration in the condition. Therefore, the victim himself can not help himself.
  3. When you bite into the tongue all the doctors are recommended to apply immediately for help. Therefore, in the absence of such an opportunity, you should call an ambulance.
  4. The sting should not remain in the fabric. If possible, remove it.
  5. Cold helps slow the progress of edema formation. Therefore, it is necessary to apply cold, if it can be done.

The wasps bit into the language what to do in this situation

Allergy sufferers must immediately takemedicine and call an ambulance, since the bite itself in the language carries a danger to life. Drugs that reduce inflammation in the body, prescribed in a medical institution after a certain examination. Therefore, only the prescribed drugs for the examinations performed are of high efficiency.

How to help the victim?

If a person is nearby, a waspbitten into the language, what to do in this case? It should immediately be taken into account that such a situation can be life-threatening if the first aid is not timely provided. The wasp was bitten, what to do? The first help with a bite is as follows:

  1. To begin with, you should find out from the victim whether he is allergic. If so, you need to help take a special drug. In the absence of the drug, you should immediately call an ambulance.
  2. If the victim is not in the groupallergies, then you need to determine the affected area. The wasp bit into the tongue, what to do in this case? If swelling is severe, you should call an ambulance again or help the injured person to get to the medical center.
  3. If the swelling is small, and the other symptoms,characteristic of allergic, do not show up, then you need to remove the sting. For this use tweezers. Immediately after bite, the victim should be in the open air, as there is a possibility of difficulty breathing.
  4. After removing the sting, you can attach ice. Cold slows the development of edema and slows down the passage of inflammatory processes.

The wasp was bitten by what to do first aid at a sting

Within an hour it is recommended to observe the condition of the victim, as it can suddenly deteriorate.

How long does the edematous condition last and how to treat it?

Edema usually does not subside duringa few days or even a week. It all depends on the characteristics of the body's response to the toxin. There are quite a few recommendations that can help in the event of a problem:

  1. The cut onion, attached to the bite, in some cases reduces the tumor.
  2. An antihistamine because of its composition can help if there is swelling. At the same time, the time is shortened, which is necessary to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

Quickly remove the swelling or stop the passage of the inflammatory process can not. We have to wait, with time, in many cases everything comes to normal on its own.

What can not be done?

You can not:

  1. To search for a sting by picking up the wound.
  2. Extrude the poison from the wound.
  3. To scratch.
  4. Increase the dose of antiallergic drugs with the hope of reducing edema.
  5. Limit yourself to eating.
  6. Drinking alcohol.

It is important that first aid is literate.

If the pet is injured?

In the summer, there is a danger that a wasp or a bee will bite a dog or cat. In this case, dogs often catch insects for exercise. If there is a wasp, uniquely expect trouble.

What should I do if I am bitten by the wasp rules of first aid

Like people, pets can in different waysto carry poison into the body. In any case, you need to immediately remove the sting, which remains with the bag. It contains poison. Independently to do it in some cases is not something that is difficult, but dangerous, since the bite of a wasp is accompanied by itching and painful sensations. The dog was bitten by a wasp in the tongue. What to do in this case? It is recommended to seek help from a veterinarian, since the dog can become aggressive due to the pain being experienced, and it will be dangerous to remove the stinger from the mouth.

Some drugs can slow down the development of allergy symptoms. Therefore, dog owners who like to travel with their pets to nature should have the following medicines with them:

  1. "Dexamethasone".
  2. "Suprastin", "Tavegil".
  3. With a strong edema, magnesium sulfate or "Lasix" is used.

When bitten in the tongue or mouth,Apply the drug immediately, since abundant salivation and a strong increase in the size of the tongue pose a great danger. In this case, it is recommended to use the injections, since they have the necessary effect several times faster than the tablets.

The most important rule in cases of a bite of a waspis that this is not the reason for the panic! In their right mind it is much easier to come to the aid of the victim and eliminate negative reactions after a bite.

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