How to stop bleeding from the nose?

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The mucous nasal gets a good blood supply. Most often, the bleeding is localized in the anterior part of the septum of the nasal cavity - the Kisselbach zone. The greatest danger is represented by hemorrhages from the posterior sections, since there are branches of large vessels here: a large volume of blood can flow into the pharynx, a small volume outwards, which will create the appearance of a slight bleeding. Let's try to figure out how to stop bleeding from the nose.

All causes that cause the occurrence ofof this pathology, are divided into local, which are associated with changes in the nose, and general, which arise due to changes in the general state of the body. Local causes are the ingress of foreign bodies, trauma to the nose, the emergence of chronic atrophic rhinitis (the nasal mucosa becomes very dry), the development of neoplasms of a different genesis, etc. Bleeding can develop due to the appearance of such common causes as blood diseases (thrombocytopenia, leukemia, violation of clotting processes, etc.), hypertension, liver disease and so on.

How to stop bleeding from the nose correctly,Everyone should know. This phenomenon occurs very often in our life. Even a completely healthy person after a strong overwork may have his appearance. How to stop bleeding from the nose? - Not so difficult. If it is insignificant, press fingers of the wing of the nose to the septum of the nose and put something cold here (ice napkin or handkerchief, after moistening it in cold water), lie on your back (but do not tilt your head, so the blood flows into the respiratory way, there is coughing and vomiting, which further aggravates the patient's condition). You can moisten a cotton swab with petroleum or hydrogen peroxide and insert it into the nasal passage, with the localization of bleeding in the foreground, the damaged vessels are thrombosed, the bleeding will stop. Distinguish between the anterior and posterior tamponade of the nose, which introduce cotton swabs into the appropriate parts of the nose, thereby preventing bleeding (the back tamponade is performed by the doctor). Fresh juice of nettle or lemon will help spasmodize damaged vessels, which will also stop bleeding.

If nothing helps or it's been 5 minutes andeven more, how to stop bleeding from the nose? In this case, it is necessary to call a medical team, which will take the patient to the hospital, where they will provide specialized assistance. If there is bleeding from the nose, treatment may not be required. However, this can be a manifestation of a serious general disease of the body, so if you frequently arise, you should seek help from a specialist, you may need additional research.

And yet, how to treat bleeding from the nose? If the patient has profuse nosebleeds in the hospital, then a tamponade is carried out lasting up to 2 days, in addition, hemostatic medicinal products are administered. Necessarily with relapse of nasal bleeding it is necessary to find out the reason: the endoscope is inspected by the nasal cavity, which allows to establish local causes. Local treatment of nosebleeds is usually aimed at improving the properties of the mucosa, reducing the "fragility" and permeability of blood vessels, using drugs with hemostatic properties. If it is not possible to get rid of bleeding with conservative methods, then surgical treatment is used: most often coagulation of the bleeding vessel. If nasal bleeding is caused by common causes, then the treatment should be aimed at their elimination and correction of the general condition of the body.

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