How to stop bleeding with menstruation at home?

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Very often, women have to face painful manifestations of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes menstruation is so abundant that

How to stop bleeding with menstruation
such blood loss can become life-threatening. How to stop bleeding? With monthly it can be done in several ways, but not all of them are equally harmless.

Algomenorrhea, or pain during menstruation, oftenAffect the lower abdomen. A woman can not even get out of bed and just lies, crouching in pain, in a cold sweat. Many girls and women have severe pain with menstruation. Treatment of such "grasping" pains exists. Before proceeding to it, it is necessary to find out the reason for such painfulness of the cycle. The most common reasons are:

- weight lifting or physical overwork;
- poor heredity;
- stress and nervous tension;
- Diseases of the reproductive system.

How to stop bleeding with menstruation orto remove the pain? Before resorting to medical treatment, it is necessary to try to establish a way of life. You need, most likely, the following:

- to learn to cope with stress;
- get carried away in sports;
- to refuse from bad habits;
- avoid hypothermia;
- During the months do not exercise and have sex.

Medical methods to stop bleeding during menstruation

Pain with menstruation: treatment
How to stop bleeding with menstruation? Conservative medicine sees several ways to solve this problem:

1. With the help of hormonal drugs. They are often used in case of profuse menstruation in girls in adolescence.

2. Hysteroscopy. This allows you to find out the cause of bleeding and at the same time remove hyperplastic tissue.

3. Removal of the inner layer from the uterus using a laser or electrosurgical instruments. This is associated with a high risk of complications and burns. Indications for the use of this method are not every patient.

4. Destruction of the uterine layer by introducing a specialized balloon with a sterile liquid. It heats up and destroys the upper layer of the endometrium. After carrying out such procedure the woman loses ability to reproduction, therefore the procedure is shown only to the women who have reached the menopause.

How to stop bleeding with menstruation - it's up to you, but if medical methods seem radical to you, try turning to alternative medicine.

Stop uterine bleeding with folk methods

how to reduce bleeding with menstruation?
There are medicinal herbs that can stop or reduce bleeding. Usually all plants of this group are divided into two types depending on the type of exposure:

1. Narrowing blood vessels. These include barberry, multicolored carnations and others. Of these, broths and teas are made, which are a great help.

2. Promotes rapid blood clotting. This is a mountaineering pepper plant, a viburnum, a mountainous pochechuiny, a cat's foot and others. The use of these herbs is usually carried out in the form of infusions, which must be drunk three times a day until the problem disappears. Here is another answer to the question of how to reduce bleeding during menstruation, with the help of herbs.

Of course, it is important not to forget about possible allergic reactions to this or that medicinal plant. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before using any medication.

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