How to call to Kiev to make it cheaper

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Not so long ago, Ukraine and Russia werethe composition of one country called the Soviet Union. Today, these are two independent states that are divided by a border. But no boundaries can divide those relations that have developed between peoples of the two sister republics.

how to call Kiev
In Ukraine, ethnic Russians make up about 17%of the total population of the country. Therefore it is not surprising that many Russians in the neighboring country have many relatives and friends. And with them you need to maintain a relationship, and it's best to do it today with a phone. In this regard, many are thinking about how to call to Ukraine and make this communication as cheap and comfortable.

Call to Kiev from home phone

The capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev, is famous for many -it is not only a major industrial, but also a cultural center of the country. In addition, most of the business partners of Russian business are concentrated there. To support personal and business connections, of course, you need to know exactly how to call to Kiev. Let's try to figure out what you need to know for this, and what order of the set of figures will be correct.

how to call in ukraine
First, let's look at how to call Kiev from your home landline. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Gathering the figure-eight is necessary for getting to long-distance communication;
  • wait for the dial tone - otherwise the connection will not take place;
  • code 10 gives us access to an international line;
  • with the help of the code 38 we leave for communication with Ukraine;
  • the dialed number 044 is the code of Kiev;
  • in conclusion, dial the subscriber's number and wait for an answer to our call.

Call to Kiev from your cell phone

Telephone calls from cellular are different fromcalls from the home phone in the first place by a chain of dialed numbers. We will learn how to call to Kiev using a mobile phone. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • mark the + sign - this is the signal for international calls;
  • We dial the international code of Ukraine - 38;
  • code of Kiev 044 you already know, we type it too;
  • if you make a call to the mobile number of the Ukrainian operator, then instead of the code of Kiev you need to enter its code;
  • Finally, we dial the seven-digit number of the Kiev (mobile) phone.
    Calls from Russia to Ukraine

If necessary, call other citiesinstead of 044 it is necessary to enter the code of this settlement. By the way, how to call to Kiev, you can find out on many Internet sites or by calling the help desk.

Call from Kiev to Russia

Since October 2009, calls to Russia from Ukraine are carried out according to a new order of dialing. It all depends on the code of the city where you will call.

When calling a landline phone, dial 0 andafter the signal, press 0 again - this is how the international connection is made. Next, enter the 7 - code of Russia, then the code of the settlement and the telephone number.

Making a call from the capital of Ukraine to Moscow, you should first specify which code to dial, since for international calls to Moscow two codes are used - 495 or 499.

Making a call from Ukraine to a mobile phone in Russia, first dial 0, and after the signal again press 0. Then, indicate the operator code and the subscriber number of seven digits.

You can call to Russia using the services of the call center. However, in this case the tariff for a call can be 1.5 times higher than the cost of a call from a fixed telephone.

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