How to call to America - it's not difficult

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Many Russians in faraway America haveclose relatives or acquaintances, who occasionally have to communicate by phone, since this type of communication is by far the most mobile. Despite the great remoteness of America from Russia, we can call the voice of the person we need from a distant country at any time, because for a telephone call no distances are a barrier.

The only thing that is necessary in this case isyou need to know exactly how to call America from Russia correctly, so as not to be mistaken. In general, it is not so difficult to do, as it might seem at first glance. If you already know the number of a subscriber that is far beyond the ocean, then you must also find out the country code. This can be done using a directory with information about international telephone codes or find out via the Internet. There are many sites on the pages of which you will always find not only the codes of all countries of the world, but also detailed information on how to call to America from anywhere in the world.

How to call to America

How is it all the same done

Here are some tips for those who decided to talk witha person on another continent. Before calling to America, make sure that your telephone is in a corrected state, and the codes and number of the right subscriber in the US are at your fingertips.

We start with dialing the number 8 and wait for the dial tone. After the end of the first signal, you can safely enter the number 10 - this is the international code of the United States of America. Next, you need to dial 1, it allows you to determine your next actions, namely - a set of the territorial code of the city.

How to call to America

And here it is necessary to be vigilant, becauseyou can make a mistake. The fact is that in this country one and the same settlement can have not one, but several territorial codes. For example, New York phone numbers can be as follows: 212, 646 and 718.

In conclusion, you need to dial directlya subscriber number, usually consisting of seven digits. So, to call to America, you need the following chain: 8 - (toot) - 10 - 1 - three-digit city code - seven-digit number of the subscriber.

In order to call a mobile phone in the United States from a fixed line from Russia, you need a chain: 8 - toot - 10 - 1 - subscriber number.

Many are also interested in the question of how to call to America on a fixed line from a mobile phone from Russia. In this case, the set should be as follows: +1 - city code - subscriber's number.

It is much easier to make a call from a mobile phone from the Russian Federation to a similar one in the USA. You just need to dial: +1 - subscriber's number.

Call America

The cheapest way to communicate are conversationsby Skype, since the network technology in the United States has become very widespread. Almost 80% of the country's residents have 24-hour access to the Internet, both from home and from the office. So you can get through to the American at any time of the day, if you have a computer next to him.

Now, when you know how to call to America, it will not be difficult to call any subscriber. Just remember the above combinations.

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