How to call in "Steam": instruction

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"Steam" (Steam) - the largest internationala store with digital keys for licensed games. In addition to selling games and gaming add-ons, this service eventually became a true social network for gamers. Developers from the company Valve are trying to improve their service every day, adding more and more new chips that make it easier to use the store and add new features. In this article, you will learn how to call in "Steam".

how to call in incentive

Call feature

This feature appeared in the serviceotnostilno recently. All the time it was possible to correspond with other users of "Steam". Gradually, the call function of the interlocutor began to ask itself. The developers of the service heard the requests of users only a year and a half ago. Of course, calls to "Steam" are far from "Skype" in terms of stability, convenience and other things, so they are few people use. However, the existence of such a useful function can not be denied. Now consider how to call in "Steam", more. Below is the instruction. With the help of it you definitely will not go wrong and will quickly understand the interface of the program.

How to call in "Steam" to a friend?

To begin with, consider the conditions under which youyou can safely use this function. First, you need to have a microphone connected. The device is determined automatically by the Steam program, so no additional settings are required. Secondly, the person you are going to call should be on your friends list. Communication with people who are not added to this list is impossible.

Before calling in "Steam" to another user, see the instructions in this article.

how to call a friend to a friend


First, open a window with a list of friends. Select the right user and click on it with the right mouse button. Select "Send message" in the context menu. You can call from the dialog box. To the left of your caller's nickname is a button with a triangle icon pointing the vertex down. Click on it to bring up the next context menu. In it, click on the very first item "Call". If the item is inactive, it means that the user is currently not on the network or is not added to your contact list.

Now you know how to call in "Steam" to anyoneuser, and will be able to use this feature as needed. Gradually the creators refine the function, so the calls are no longer terminated, the quality of the connection is getting better and cleaner.

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