How to call in Germany

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The Federal Republic of Germany is enoughA large state located to the east of Russia in the central part of Europe. What connects us to this country and why does the question of how to call Germany often become urgent?

Let's try to answer this question.

First of all, the country code Germany is needed then,when you are forced by force of any circumstances to maintain contact with someone permanently residing there. Although, strictly speaking, why are they forced? You can easily combine business issues, tourism, the presence of relatives, friends or friends who emigrated there in due time.

You can make a necessary call in several quite acceptable ways.

Option 1. How to call to Germany from a fixed line

It is very simple to do this. All that is needed is to know the code of the destination country. Slitting through the telephone directory or searching in the virtual space, in a matter of seconds we learn that the international code of the direction we need is 49.

Now the order of the set:

  1. Well, of course, first we type the usual "8"
  2. Now "10". This set of numbers is used when we need to enter international communication.
  3. Code of the country. As we have already explained, this is "49".
  4. City code. For example, for Berlin it is "30", "27712" is the Dillenburg code; "351" - the code of Dresden; "40" - the code of Hamburg; "511" - the code of Hanover; "8685" is the code of Kirkenshoring. In general, the number denoting this code is, as a rule, inversely proportional to the size of the city. Those. I want to say that the largest cities in Germany are assigned double-digits, but tiny townships already get four-digit numeric codes.
  5. And now only now you can safely dial the numbersubscriber. Those. if we call, say, the capital of the state, we need to dial the following: 8-10-49-30 - ********, where I marked the "stars" with the number of that person (company, firm, organization), with which we need to contact.

Option 2. How to call to Germany from a fixed phone, while inside the country

You have already arrived in the country and now you need to contactwith relatives or business partners? This is also easy to do. The procedure is almost the same as in the previous case, only instead of the international "10", after the "8", you must immediately dial the German mobile or city code and phone number.

I'll give an example of how the format of the set should look.

Take 8-0-30 - ********, where "30" is the capital code, and "asterisks" I again indicated the subscriber's number.

Option 3. How to call Germany from your mobile phone

In this case, the order of the collection does not depend in any wayfrom what country you are in. The only thing I would like to immediately warn about is that the tariffs for such calls are quite expensive. It depends on the policy of your mobile operator, therefore, before making such a call or going abroad, find out how much you will get such a communication.

Sometimes it is even considered more appropriate to purchase on site the cards of a local telephone operator.

So, as a matter of fact, you need to dial the number exactly as if you were calling from a landline phone while you were already in the Federal Republic.

Those. 8-0-30 - ********, where "30" is the capital code, and "asterisks" I again indicated the subscriber's number.

Option 4. How to call Germany via the Internet, Skype, social networks

Some social networks, for example,the notorious "", "", "" offer to make calls to Germany, Canada, the USA or any other country in the world. If you are calling to the same computer, but located somewhere in another place, then the fee is not charged at all.

But in terms of calls to mobile or landline is better to find out about tariffs. As a rule, it is cheaper.

Personally, I prefer to use skype. Why? First of all, of course, because of the relatively low cost of this type of communication.

For example, one minute of conversation (on a landline or mobile number, in this case it does not matter) costs me 1.9 cents.

In the event that you maintain a relationship withthis country regularly, it is recommended to connect to a special plan, then 400 minutes of talk per month will cost only 3.49 dollars, and an unlimited package is even more profitable - $ 4.99 per month.

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