Chris Arreola - American heavyweight boxer of Mexican descent

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Chris Arreola - professional heavyweight boxerof Mexican descent from the USA. Previously, he had success in an amateur boxing career (he was the owner of the Golden Gloves), but quickly converted to professional boxing, where he also had considerable success. Chris Arreola has only 44 fights, including 36 wins and 5 defeats (the remaining fights are draws and fights that were not accepted through disqualification). On the account of Arreola 31 knockouts.

Chris Arreola

Chris Arreola: biography and amateur career

Born March 5, 1981 in the city of Los Angeles,California, USA. Rose in the eastern region of Los Angeles. His father was a boxer, so Chris quickly became addicted to this sport. At eight years Chris Arreola first went to the boxing section, his first coach was Hector Rodriguez. The young man persevered and worked out a good technique, thanks to which he won various amateur competitions in the state.

At 16 years on his account there were already about 200 fights. And, apparently, the young guy at this age was interested in a little bit different: he gave up the sport and began to lead a bustling life - smoking and drinking. At the age of 20, he returned to training and began to box again. Enough of several months of training to win the title of "Golden Gloves" in the amateur tournament. The final match was against Dallas Vargas, who had in his baggage experience for 300 fights. Soon the young boxer decides to go into professional boxing.

Chris Arreola boxer

Professional career

Chris Arreola - boxer with orthodox style, thenthere is when the left arm and leg are exposed closer to the opponent. This style is often found in the right-hander, who is Chris. He could skilfully pass the opponent's defense and deal a few rough punches on the body, after which it is difficult to continue the fight. It was with this hope that he was sent to the professional league of the coach.

In 2003, Chris's debut inheavyweight champion. Started the way in the new "division" was very successful - slowly, but surely he knocked out his rivals. Thus, from the impact of Chris Arreola in the ring, boxers such as Demian Vils, Malcolm Tann, Kenny LMNOS and Thomas Hayes were in the box. In 2007, Chris Arreola fought with Thomas Hayes in the battle for the title of continental champion of the WBC.

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