Chris Sarandon: biography, career, personal life.

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In this article, let's talk about the wonderful actor Chris Sarandon. We will discuss his biography, his personal life and partially disassemble his filmography.

Chris Sarandon Movies


Chris Sarandon was born in 1942, on July 24, inthe town of Beckley, western Verginia, USA. The actor's family is of Greek origin, his father and mother, Christopher and Mary, worked as restaurateurs and immigrated to the United States before the birth of the child.

In his youth, Chris took a great interest in music,For a while he played drums in the local band The Teen Tones, and was also a backing vocalist. Later this band went on tour with such eminent musicians as Gene Vincent and Bobby Darin.

He was trained by Chris Sarandon at Woodrow High SchoolWilson, which is located in his hometown. Then the young man went to Washington, where he entered the Catholic University of America. Safely graduated from the school, he received a master's degree in theater.

Actor's career and filmography

The first role was played by Chris Sarandon in 1975year, the beginning actor appeared in the film directed by Sidney Lumith "Dog Noon", played the role of Shermer. Next, the actor starred in the role of Michael in the horror movie "The Sentinel."

Over the next ten years, Chris played about 15 roles, among them the most prominent was the main role in the thriller "Children's Game", the actor was introduced to the viewer as Detective Noris Mike.

Chris Sarandon

Between 1990 and 2000, Chris Sarandon, filmswhich began to appear on the screen more often, well established himself as an actor. During these ten years, Chris starred in 14 films. The brightest of them are indicated below:

  • "Risen" - a double role, the actor played Joseph Karven and Charles Dexter.
  • "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - character Jack Skellington.
  • "In a dead end," Esteban Macea said.
  • "Tales from the Crypt: Bloody brothel" - JC.
  • "Mother of David" is a fellow Philip.

His last roles the actor performed in the period from2005 to 2009 in such films as "Mean Girls", "Sea Turtles", The Chosen One, "Multiple sarcasm", My Life in the Single Seat: A Documentary. In the last film, the actor played himself.

Sarandon Chris

In addition to the above, Chris Sarandon played in a dozen TV series, but most of these roles were episodic. Also, the actor took part in the voice acting series of videogames Kingdom Hearts.

Personal life

While studying at the university, Chris Sarandon met actress Susan Abigail, after a while the couple signed, but in 1979 the couple divorced.

Over the next ten years, the actor managed to get married and divorce Lisa Ann Cooper, after the marriage, the couple had three children - Alexis, Michael and Stephanie.

In early 1994, Chris announced his intention to marry and married, this time his choice was the singer Joanna Gleason.

To date, the actor turned 74 years old.

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