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Christopher Ferguson (also known as Chris) -American professional poker player. During his career he managed to win five World Series tournaments (WSOP), among which there are the main ones: Main Event WSOP in 2000 and NBC in 2008. He is one of the co-founders of the famous poker room called Full Tilt Poker. In addition, Ferguson is a doctor of philosophy in computer technology.

Chris Ferguson

September 20, 2011 Ministry of JusticeThe United States of America filed a motion to amend the civil appeal, complaining that Chris Ferguson and three other directors of the poker site called Full Tilt Poker are using the Ponzi scheme (a fraudulent investment operation). According to some sources, the owners of "Full Tilt Poker" illegally appropriated $ 444 million, which belonged to users of the poker room.

American Poker Player Chris Ferguson: Biography and Education

He was born on April 11, 1963 in the cityLos Angeles (California, United States of America). He was brought up in an intellectual family - his parents had doctoral degrees in mathematics. In addition, his father Thomas Ferguson was a professor in the field of game theory and theoretical probability, and taught at the University of UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

Ferguson Chris

After graduation from the Chris Secondary SchoolFerguson entered the University of California. Here he studied pretty well. After receiving the bachelor's diploma, the guy continued his studies, receiving a later Ph.D. (corresponding to the candidate of sciences in Russia) in the field of computer technology. Chris Ferguson mainly engaged in the creation of virtual network algorithms. In this field, he worked for more than 13 years as a graduate student. His scientific adviser was an American engineer and computer scientist Leonard Kleinkok.

Chris Ferguson: poker as a profession

He started playing poker at the age of ten. As a student at the University of California, the guy honed his skills at the IRC (online poker game using the IRC protocol). In 1994, Chris began taking part in major poker tournaments in California, and the following year he tried his luck in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Chris Ferguson is a relatively calm player who very competently and professionally misleads an opponent, intentionally changing his psycho-emotional state and behavior.

Despite his intelligence andeducation, Chris deliberately puts on his branded wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Thus, the player gives the impression of a tough and irreconcilable cowboy who does not have the mathematical subtleties of poker. This is an example of a pure game on the strings of the psyche of his opponent. Ferguson has long thick brown hair and a beard, it was for this image that he was called Jesus. His style of play is very mathematical, because he devoted himself all his life to computer algorithms, game theory and the development of computer simulation. The totality of this knowledge and skills determines a clear understanding of the game, and in poker there is nothing else but probability and mathematics (with the exception of banal luck).

Ferguson Chris player

Poker Achievements

His first major prize, Chris managed to win in2000, when he won the world series, defeating Thomas James Clout. Then Ferguson received a sum of $ 1.5 million. Four years later, success again smiled at the American in the Main Event of 2004, where he took the 26th place among 2576 players and received a prize of $ 120,000.

In 2005, Chris took second place in the championshipAmerica on poker. In heads-up (the stage of the game, when only two players remain at the table), he lost to the experienced and eminent Phil Hellmuth. The following year, Ferguson at the same tournament repeated his result, but this time he lost to Ted Forrest.

In 2008, he was at the final table for the third time and finally took first place, having defeated Andy Bloch in heads-up.

How much money does Ferguson have?

As of 2017, his total poker win in all tournaments is more than 8.5 million dollars.

In parallel with the poker career, Ferguson is also engaged in business. Earlier, for example, he was a co-founder of the Full Tilt room, where he earned good money.

History with the poker room "Full Tilt Poker"

In 2004, Chris Ferguson, using hismathematical and gaming knowledge, together with his friends launched a new online project called Full Tilt Poker. Chris was one of the nine leaders of the most scandalous poker community among all existing rooms. "Full Tilt Poker" quickly gained popularity, overtaking many of its competitors. Throughout its existence (and this is about 7 years), this room could compete even with a grandee in this area - the company PokerStars.

Ferguson Chris Poker

In 2011, Full Tilt caused a stir in the environmentpoker community, when it became clear that the room operates on the principle of financial pyramids (Ponzi scheme). Soon it also became known that the owners of the poker room illegally seized almost half a billion dollars, which belonged to users.

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