Chris Farley: the story of the rise and fall of the great comic actor

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In the early 90's Chris Farley was one of the mostfamous comedians of Hollywood. The fame of the film actor stretched far beyond America, and its fan club counted more than one million fans. Alas, today his name is remembered less and less often, and the younger generation does not know anything about it at all. Well, let's try to understand why this happened.

chris farley

Who is Chris Farley?

The full name of the actor is Christopher Crosby Farley. He was born in Madison (Wisconsin) in February 1964. His father was a local businessman Tom Farley, and his mother - Mary Ann. In addition to Chris, the family had three more children: Kevin, John and Barbara. Interesting is the fact that all the children of the family Farley connected their lives with art.

As for Chris, his way to acting was through the University of Marquette in Milwaukee. It was there that in 1986 he received a theatrical education, having studied the specialty "Theater and TV network".

After graduation, Chris Farley settledwork for the father on the firm. However, the passion for art made him look for ways leading to the scene. Soon he begins to perform in the theater as part of the comic troupe Ark Improv. Later he was invited to another collective called Second City Theater, and he agrees.

This decision becomes significant, sinceit is here that Chris Farley first meets Lorne Michaels - the producer of the famous TV show "Saturday Night Live". The performance on the TV show opened Chris Farley for the eyes of the filmmakers, so he soon gets his first invitation to a role in the movie.

chris farley

Playing a movie

At the beginning of his television career, Chris wasfocuses only on roles in a TV show. Only occasionally did he appear in the big cinema, and then played secondary roles. The breakthrough was 1995, when the comedy "Uvalen Tommi" appeared on the screen, where Farley became the main character.

As for world fame, he received itthanks to the film "Ninja of Beverly Hills." The audience fell in love with a sweet puffy. It seemed that now everything will be good for Farley, but the actor's passion for drugs has ruined everything. So, on December 18, 1997 he was found dead in his apartment. The cause of death is an overdose of cocaine.

What did Chris Farley leave behind? The filmography of the actor has about 26 roles, most of which are comedic. Also in 2005 he was awarded a star on the Walk of Fame, but the actor himself will never see it.

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