Psoriatic arthritis

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Quite a lot of people all over the world have thisa problem like psoriasis. Usually this skin disease is in a chronic condition. It manifests itself, as a rule, in the form of flaky rashes on the surface of the skin. In recent years, more and more often psoriasis affects the skin and supportive apparatus in addition to the skin. This disease is inherited. In fact, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis appear as a result of the fact that the human immune system determines the skin tissues, as well as articular tissues as foreign bodies, and begins to fight against them. As a result, the inflammation begins in these tissues, which substantially damages them. This is what leads to disorders and complications in the musculoskeletal system.

If the patient has psoriasis, then at allit is necessary that he will immediately have psoriatic arthritis. Symptoms of this disease begin to occur, usually in a few years. Although medicine knows cases when the joints first suffered, and then the skin rashes appeared. Among the features of the disease course, it can be noted that in most cases the main zone of damage is the joints of the fingers on the hands, as well as the nails. The presence of the inflammatory process is quite difficult to overlook, since usually the skin in this place becomes purple-cyanotic. Moreover, the affected area swells and begins to ache. Also, the main places most often affected by this disease include thumbs on the legs and heels.

Simultaneous inflammation for the most part canbe subject to several joints, but, as a rule, not much. The lesion may be asymmetrical, and in several severe manifestations, multiple changes occur. Often, intervertebral discs in the lumbar region also become inflamed. If, in addition to this, the disease covers the sacroiliac joints, then violations of the mobility of the spine and the accompanying pains begin to appear.

Psoriatic arthritis often occurs ina form of constantly alternating severe exacerbations with fading of the process of active inflammation. Usually, this causes both cutaneous and articular signs, which eventually develop into serious dysfunction of the tissues. Sometimes it happens that the signs of the disease do not manifest. Then the changes in the patient's body go unnoticed, which leads to irreversible violations and restriction of movement, since in time to put the correct diagnosis in this case it is impossible.

If the patient has symptomatic skinrashes, and as a result of certain studies and analyzes, you can accurately determine psoriatic arthritis. Treatment of this ailment occurs symptomatically, that is, it is aimed at eliminating painful sensations, swelling and stiffness in movements. It is also necessary to suppress the aggressive action of the immune system, which is manifested by tissue damage. To reduce the manifestations of pain, signs of inflammatory process and restriction of movements, specialists usually prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Sometimes, to increase the effectiveness, also apply drugs that can relax the muscles. In some cases, when the disease takes an acute form, hormonal treatment can be prescribed. Quite rare doctors resort to such methods, because they can lead to complications with the formation of purulent wounds. To reduce aggressively the effect of immunity on tissue, immunosuppressive drugs are prescribed in small dosages. As a rule, the therapeutic effect occurs within one or two months. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of this disease, but if the treatment is true, the patient's condition can be quite satisfactory.

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