Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis. Reviews of the treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds

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Certainly, none of the stronger sexis not immune from problems in the intimate sphere. And, as a rule, men immediately panic when they learn that they are afflicted with ailments that interfere with a full sexual life. Among the latter, of course, is prostatitis.

Prostatitis is a fairly common disease

At present, unfortunately, prostatitis isNot unusual. Inflammation of the prostate gland is observed in a large number of men. It is remarkable that the representatives of the stronger sex at the first signs of the aforementioned illness simply feel embarrassed to seek help from a specialist, suffering and suffering from pain for many years, as a result of which the disease progresses, acquires complicated forms that are treated with difficulty. There should not be any embarrassment in matters relating to health - remember that in the initial stages of curing the inflammation of the prostate will not be particularly difficult.

Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis

However, it should be noted that prostatitisIs a serious enough pathology, the treatment of which requires an integrated approach. It is very important to undergo a thorough examination in order to diagnose the disease correctly. For example, in some cases, you need to treat chronic prostatitis, and in others - acute bacterial.

Specificity of treatment

However, one should not believe the myth thatinflammation of the prostate is an incurable disease. As already emphasized, it should be treated systemically, in other words, use medicines, strengthening therapy, traditional medicine, and even massage prostate.

Currently, the lion's share of pharmacological agents are made from natural components, which eliminated sexual impotence many years ago.

The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Of course, many have heard that pumpkin seeds help with prostatitis.

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds

This is explained by the fact that they contain in abundanceall microelements, including zinc, magnesium, selenium and niacin, as well as useful substances, the most important of which are delta-7-sterol and amino acids. One of the main roles in the treatment of the prostate, of course, is zinc.

Due to its composition, pumpkin seeds improvemetabolism and microcirculation. Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis are recommended primarily because they contribute to the timely withdrawal of secretory fluid, which is produced by the above-mentioned body.

In addition, recent studies of physiciansfound that in the product we are considering is a substance that activates the activity of sex hormones and has an anti-inflammatory property. The above facts are of great importance when it comes to the treatment of such a common ailment as inflammation of the prostate. That's why pumpkin seeds with prostatitis - just an indispensable product. It should be noted that it also helps to cope with stagnant phenomena in the bladder, which also provoke the development of an unpleasant disease.

It should be noted that pumpkin seeds withprostatitis are recommended not only because it is an effective method of treatment, but because it is also affordable. Everyone can go to the market and buy several hundred grams of the above product at an affordable price.

How to Make Pumpkin Seeds

At the same time, it should be stressed once again thattreatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds should not be the only way to solve the problem. If the disease is started, you can not do without the help of a doctor. And in the early stages of inflammation of the prostate should consult a specialist.

The best defense is prevention

Treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seedsis effective primarily because this product contains substances that reduce the risk of developing the aforementioned disease. And to minimize this risk, preventive measures should be taken to ensure that the prostate does not become inflamed. In particular, experts recommend consuming at least 40 fried seeds a day, which will protect your body from such serious pathologies as prostatitis and adenoma. And if you fight the inflammation of this organ with pumpkin seeds, the effect will be noticeable in a few days, and it is much stronger than antibiotic drugs.

It is very useful for people suffering from the above disease, a combination of pumpkin seeds and butter, as the second product is also a deposit of vitamins and trace elements.

Pumpkin seeds with prostatitis

However, it should be remembered that after the heat treatment, the beneficial properties of the oil evaporate, so it is better not to heat it and store it in the refrigerator.

Features of therapy

There are several options for treating prostatitisthrough the seeds of a pumpkin. However, remember that even they will not help get rid of the ailment in question if it has acquired the character of a chronic one. Of course, many can not wait to learn how to make pumpkin seeds to forget about such a disease as prostate inflammation for a long time. However, more often than one of the above products is not enough to fight - he needs an assistant. Which one? Naturally, honey. The bee product has long been considered a panacea for all ills. From the above ingredients, you can prepare several medications, each of which is effective in its own way. It should also be remembered that the degree of effectiveness depends also on whether a person smokes and uses alcohol.

Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis recipe

So, how to cook pumpkin seeds, which in combination with honey will cause a crushing blow to prostatitis?

Honey balls

As you understand, it will take only two ingredients. What you need to do in order to prepare a medicine called "Pumpkin seeds from prostatitis"? The recipe is quite simple. Raw seeds in the amount of 500 grams should be chopped in a meat grinder to a minced condition. After this, add 200 grams of honey to the resulting mass and mix the ingredients. At the final stage, the mixture should be placed for a while in a cold place so that it thickens. After the pumpkin seeds with honey will get a more dense consistency, it is necessary to make from the mass beads the size of hazelnut and place them in the refrigerator.

Pumpkin seeds with honey

Every day, you need to dissolve the balls, and after seven days, there will already be positive results.

Powder of pumpkin

There is another drug, whichalso include pumpkin seeds. Initially, they should be slightly dried and thoroughly crushed, the resulting powder should be sieved through a sieve. Then the powdered mass remained in the refrigerator. Twice a day before meals, you need to take two tablespoons of the prepared medicine, and you should drink it with a glass of water, in which two teaspoons of honey are pre-dissolved.

This is what a powerful spectrum of action possessespumpkin seeds with prostatitis. Reviews about this medicine are only positive. Many patients noticed positive dynamics in a few weeks. If you approach the solution of the problem in a complex way, the result does not restrain itself from waiting. Be healthy!

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