Dolmen: what is it?

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"Dolmen, what is it?""- can be asked by those who have never heard such a name.The word Celtic is translated as a" stone table. "Dolmens (photos show this clearly) are structures made of processed stone slabs used for religious purposes. built in the west of Europe, really resemble tables.The age of such structures exceeds the age of the pyramids.Thus, in those areas where they were erected, people

dolmen that it
already at that time were relatively highlevel of development. Who doubts, can conduct an experiment and build your own dolmen. That it is impossible to fulfill, it becomes clear immediately. After all, you need to take a stone slab weighing five hundred kilograms, polish it and in the middle make a perfectly smooth round hole. Note that all this must be done without modern adaptations, but only with your hands! Although, of course, we can not say exactly which technologies were known to the builders of these historical monuments.

The first structures of this species were found in Brittany,one of the French provinces, they began to study. Find them in other places. In our country dolmens are known in Gelendzhik of the Krasnodar Territory, as well as Crimean dolmens. Their distinctive

dolmens in Gelendzhik
feature - a perfectly smooth round hole,made in one of the plates. Therefore, they decided that they were built by representatives of one people. Presumably, people moved from west to east, because the quality and level of performance of works from the Caucasian monuments of history is much higher than those of Western European: hence, the technique of construction was improved over time.

Many people think when they see a dolmen: "What is it, what is its practical purpose?" The assumption that representatives of the ancient people simply decided to leave a memory for themselves only from aesthetic motives, is untenable. Our ancestors were too practical. Hence, these structures had a concrete practical purpose. But what, to tell or say for certain yet nobody can. There are two versions: it is a cult structure for sacrifices, and perhaps a space that has transformed and generated energy flows of the human body. Simply put, dolmens were used to heal from ailments.

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Some researchers claim that they wereoriginal infirmaries for wounded soldiers. This is hard to believe, since it is impossible to build such a massive structure in field conditions, unless one assumes that its creators owned some mysterious super-powerful technologies.

What is the role of the dolmen now? What is this from the point of view of modern man? Places of their location are quite popular with tourists. People go to not only see and touch history, but also with the secret hope that the dolmen can cure their ailments and even change their destiny. It is difficult to say how true this is. Some piously believe in the magical properties of dolmens, others sceptically grin. But one thing is for sure: they are monuments of antiquity, and you need to visit them in order to touch the history and once again be surprised by the greatness of the human spirit, capable of moving the mountains, processing them and stacking them on each other. Moreover, there are dolmens in fabulously beautiful places.

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