Why is the pink pedicure the most popular? Pink manicure and pedicure: a life in pink light


Pink pedicure is not just an option,suitable for any clothing and any image. For all its seeming defenselessness, it is a formidable weapon against unapproachable men's hearts. Men are very conservative, the black tone seems aggressive, the red tone is defiant. And against pink they can not resist. It causes a feeling of purity, lightness and airiness. Men can not take their eyes off the chiseled leg with a pink pedicure, shod in high-heeled sandals. If you want to conquer the heart of a knight, a pink manicure and a pedicure will become a woman's weapon.

pink pedicure

How many pink shades are there?

There is a wise Japanese proverb: "How many people - so many shades of skin." And indeed, the same tone of varnish will look differently on each girl. It depends on the color and transparency of the natural nail plate, skin color, lighting, clothing.

pedicure pink color

You can divide all the shades of pink into two colorsparts: warm and cold. They, in turn, are divided into nude and bright. White girls fit bright, and tanned beauties - bright shades of pink.

Pink pedicure is suitable for everyone. Bright, neon colors perfectly shade the tanned skin in the summer. Light pastel accentuates the whiteness of the skin in winter. Elderly ladies will accept shades of pink lilac and dark fuchsia. Young - the color of Barbie's wizardry and glitter, shiny pink tones.

Hands and feet - one design

Classic French manicure and pedicure notgoes out of fashion, he is indispensable at work, where there is a dress code. In order not to bother the same kind of nails, it can be diversified: make a base of pink color all the time different.

A strip of white color can be replaced byalternative jacket: make a smile on the side rollers, highlighting in the middle of the nail a pink "hourglass". Or make a lunar design. A pink pedicure with such a hole attracts attention very much.

pink pedicure with rhinestones

Although there are no hard rules, a good tonesuggests that the hands and feet should be united by one design. It is not necessary to repeat it exactly on the hands and feet, it's even boring. You can make it in one style, and the unifying factor will be pink color - which is on your hands, such and on your feet.

Pink pedicure with rhinestones

Nails can be a decoration. They make imitation of precious stones framed by gold or silver casting, imprint lace, put on rhinestones and Swarovski stones. Imitation of pink marble with gold veins, printed with foil, will attract a lot of curious looks.

Nails on legs grow more slowly than on hands. In addition, the hands are constantly busy with work. Therefore, a pedicure with crystals will last for a long time, from a month to a year and a half. In summer, during the holidays, this design will make your mistress the queen of the beach and the dance floor. In simple sandals, the legs will look luxurious.

Do not cover all the nails on the legs. Enough to decorate your thumb, but do not regret the artificial stones. Beautifully looking near stones of different cut diamonds and different sizes. Part of the nail, closer to the free edge, it is worth leaving without decorations. This is necessary to link the ensemble into a single whole.

The location of the rhinestones on the nail can be in the form oftriangle with a base at the cuticle, rhombus, vertical or horizontal strip. If so much brilliance seems superfluous, you can confine yourself to one stone on each finger, on a large one, put three or one large.

Design for the bride

During the wedding, the bride's hands are mostly visible,so the main emphasis is on them. On this day you can afford and rhinestones, and stucco, and a long length. To nails on the hands and feet are harmoniously combined, you should pay attention to the pedicure.

pink manicure and pedicure

Pink color will unite the composition, for this it is not necessary to clutter your toenails with unnecessary details.

If the design on the hands is rich in rhinestones, it ispatterns or laces - on your feet you can repeat only one element of the ornament. Everything as a whole will look beautiful and harmonious. A bust with ornaments on the legs will devalue the image, make it vulgar.

Pink is a good basis for the Frenchpeas. Shallow, like falling snow, the points on the nails are made a special tool - dots. This is so beautiful design that served as the basis for the corporate style of the nail artist Catherine Miroshnichenko.

To look dignified like a queen, and charmingly, like a princess, choose a pink pedicure and manicure.