Biography of Leo Tolstoy - the great Russian writer

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Do you know Leo Tolstoy? Biography is short and full of this writer is studied in detail in school days. However, like great works. The first association of every person who hears the name of a famous writer is the novel "War and Peace". Not everyone dared to overcome laziness and read it. And very vain. This work has earned world fame. This is a classic that every educated person should read. But first things first.

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Biography of Leo Tolstoy tells thathe was born in the 19 th century, namely, in 1828. The name of the future writer is the oldest aristocratic in Russia. Leo Nikolayevich got his homework. When his parents died, he moved with his sister and three brothers to the city of Kazan. P. Yushkova became the guardian of Tolstoy. At the age of 16 he entered a local university. He studied first at the philosophical, and then at the law faculty. But the University did not finish Tolstoy. He settled in the estate of Yasnaya Polyana - where he was born.

Biography of Leo Tolstoy says thatThe next 4 years became for him years of searching. At first he reorganized the life of the estate, then went to Moscow, where he waited for secular life. He received the degree of candidate of law at the University of St. Petersburg, and then got a job - became a clerk in the noble assembly of Tula.

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Biography of Leo Tolstoy describes his trip toThe Caucasus in 1851. There he even fought with the Chechens. Episodes of this particular war were later described in various stories and novels of the Cossacks. Then Leo passed the exam to the cadet, in order to be an officer in the future. And already in this rank in 1854 Tolstoy served in the Danube army, which operated in those days against the Turks.

Literary creativity Lev Nikolaevich startedseriously to deal with during a trip to the Caucasus. His story "Childhood" was written there, and then published in the journal "Contemporary". In the same edition later appeared the story "Adolescence."

The lion fought in Sevastopol during the Crimeanwar. There he showed real fearlessness, participating in the defense of the city under siege. For this he was awarded the Order "For Bravery". The writer painted the bloody picture of the war in his "Sevastopol stories". This work has made an indelible impression on the entire Russian society.

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Since 1855 Tolstoy lived in St. Petersburg. There he often communicated with Chernyshevsky, Turgenev, Ostrovsky and other legendary personalities. A year later he retired. Then the writer traveled, he opened a school for the children of peasants in his own estate and even conducted classes there himself. With his help, another two dozen schools were opened nearby. Then came the second trip abroad. The works that immortalized the writer's name to the whole world were created by him in the 70s. This, of course, "Anna Karenina" and the novel "War and Peace" described at the beginning of the article.

Biography of Leo Tolstoy says that he married in 1862. With his wife, he subsequently brought up nine children. The family moved to the capital in 1880.

Leo Tolstoy (biography interesting facts about thisinforms) the last years of his life spent, torn apart by intrigues squabbling in the family because of the inheritance, which after him will remain. At the age of 82, the writer leaves the estate and goes on a journey, away from the lordly way of life. But his health was too weak for this. On the way, he caught a cold and died. He was buried, of course, at his homeland - in Yasnaya Polyana.

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