Decoration of a bottle for a wedding by one's own hands

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Today no one can say where it came fromtradition, put on the table in front of the bride and groom decorated bottles of champagne or, as they are called in the people, bulls. They remain untouched throughout the celebration, since they are only consumed on the anniversary of the wedding or in honor of the birth of the first-born.

Since these bottles are in a prominent place, andthen they are stored for a long time in the house of the newlyweds, their decoration is given special attention. That is why those who like to create different crafts, try their hand at pleasure and do not spare the imagination for their decoration.

If you are also attracted by the decoration of bottles of champagne for a wedding, then get acquainted with some interesting options.


To make decoration of a bottle for a wedding in such a way you will need:

  • acrylic paints, including necessarily white;
  • contour and broad brushes;
  • acrylic lacquer;
  • PVA glue;
  • sponge;
  • pieces of skin and tissues;
  • wedding postcard, with a pattern on a white background;
  • gold or silver paint;
  • needle;
  • various ornaments (beads, ribbons, artificial flowers).

decorating bottles for the wedding with their own hands

The order of execution of the variant in the style of decoupage

To decorate a bottle for a wedding, you need to start withtraining. To do this, remove the glue and labels from the glass surface and degrease the surface with acetone and alcohol. Next go directly to the design of the bottle. For this:

  • apply on the glass acrylic paint white, using a piece of sponge;
  • cover the surface of the postcard with lacquer in 2 layers;
  • wait for it to dry out (do not be afraid of twisting corners);
  • poddevayut top layer with a needle and separate it from the cardboard;
  • cut off the piece with a piece with a picture (an image of flowers, honeymooners, rings, doves, etc.);
  • lubricate the surface of the bottle with glue;
  • apply a drawing to it;
  • smooth;
  • give a wither;
  • A broad brush is applied along the contour of light pink or pale blue paint, shading to mask the sections;
  • wait until it dries;
  • fine brush draw on the contour of the heart, flowers, etc.;
  • decorate, pasting beads and other small decor elements;
  • paint the bottles with silver or gold veins;
  • if there is a desire, stick a bow of satin ribbon.

decoration of bottles of champagne for the wedding

Decoration of bottles of champagne for the wedding: a master class

We bring to your attention the step by step instructions for the design of these wedding accessories in the form of a bride and groom.

For work you will need:

  • two bottles of champagne;
  • tape from organza;
  • 11-12 m oblique white and black beiki;
  • glue "Titan";
  • Double-sided tape;
  • ornaments.

Master class of making a bottle "The Bridegroom"

To create a similar decoration of a bottle for a wedding you need in the following order:

  • prepare long beakes of black and white color;
  • a vertical line is applied to the bottle as a guide;
  • wrap the bottle at the base of the neck-neck with an oblique white bake, measure the desired length and cut off;

    decoration of a bottle for a wedding

  • stick a part to get something like a collar;
  • Similarly, 3 more rows of white lap are glued;
  • take a double-sided scotch;
  • with his help paste on the bottle 10 rows of black bake (you can use glue, but then his drops can leave ugly tracks);
  • then simply wrap the bottle to the end with a black bake;
  • fix the end with glue.

a bottle for a wedding

After the "tuxedo" and "shirt" are ready, continue decorating the bottle for the wedding accessories. For this:

  • from the cardboard a circle with a diameter of 7 cm is cut out;
  • take a half of a plastic container of kinder-eggs;
  • Draw and cut out a circle in the middle of the cardboard part;
  • insert a half of the container into the hole;
  • pasted in black;
  • put the hat on the bottle;
  • a piece of 8 cm long is cut from the black bake;
  • fold it so that the ends converge in the center, and the butterfly bow turned out;
  • paste it over a white collar.

Design in the form of a bride

Such decoration of bottles for the wedding, the master class of which is presented below, is made in the same way as for decorating the "Bridegroom".

Operating procedure:

  • glue a piece of ribbon from the organza to the neck of the bottle so that the collar turns out;

    decoration of bottles for a wedding photo

  • take a piece of white beika;
  • glue it overlapping the base of the collar as in the previous example;
  • when the whole bottle is "dressed" in a white bake, they put on it two magnificent "skirts" from the upper organically assembled ribbon on the upper edge;
  • paste on the "dress" beads-buttons;
  • from a piece of ribbon make a "veil" and put on the "bride";
  • if there is a desire, add other ornaments, for example, put the belt on the place where the first layer of the skirt is glued.

Variant in the style of "Provence"

For such a very simple decoration for bottleschampagne for the wedding (see photo below) will need burlap, handmade lace and yarn. At once it is necessary to tell, that the bottles decorated thus, will approach only for wedding in corresponding style.

Operating procedure:

  • on a piece of burlap in a width of 10-15 cm from both sides sew lace;
  • stick it on the bottle so that one end crosses the other by 1.5-2 cm;
  • wrap a neck piece of lace, measure and cut;
  • paste so that the collar has turned out;
  • glue a bead on the sacking;
  • tie yarn over the neck of the neck and tie a bow.

decoration of bottles of champagne for a wedding master class

Variant with ribbons: what will be needed

Make the decoration of bottles for the wedding with their own hands can be from a variety of materials. For example, a good choice is the option with ribbons. It will require:

  • 2 bottles of champagne;
  • white paint in aerosol can;
  • satin ribbons (2 m);
  • unilateral scotch tape;
  • beads;
  • insulating tape;
  • contour on the glass;
  • pastel;
  • clerical glue;
  • flowers from polymer clay;
  • cyanopane adhesive;
  • double sided tape.

decoration of bottles of champagne for the wedding with their own hands

Variant with ribbons: work order

Decoration of bottles for the wedding (photo below) with ribbons looks like this:

  • from the bottles remove stickers;
  • degrease the surface with a window cleaner;
  • dried;
  • clerical glue paste on the glass ornaments made of paper (you can cut out the ornament of scotch tape;
  • paint a bottle of a can of white paint in 3 layers (after each wait until it dries);
  • carefully remove pieces of paper or scotch tape;
  • glue a bottle of flowers;
  • paint it with a pastel and a contour;
  • tie the bottle with a satin ribbon, laying a double-sided adhesive tape so that it does not move;
  • The ends are knotted and knotted.

decoration of bottles for a wedding master class

Option with pouches

If you have the simplest sewing skills, then you can make the decoration of bottles for the wedding, the photo of which is presented below.

You will need a beautiful lace and satin ribbon. You will also need a beautiful white fabric with glitter, from which you need to sew two bags, which can be put on a bottle of champagne. Their upper edge must be finished with lace. Putting the bottles in the bags, you should tie them with a white satin ribbon on top and decorate with a bow.

decorations on a bottle of champagne for a wedding photo

Composition "Heart"

Since the wedding table before the newlywedsit is customary to put two bottles, many craftsmen offer decor according to the principle of folding halves. For example, you can make your own choice with the heart. For this:

  • from bottles, remove labels and remove traces of glue;
  • degrease their surfaces;
  • paint in 3 layers in white color from an aerosol can (between painting wait for 2-3 hours);
  • well-honed pencil, using a stencil, draw half the heart on the surface of the bottle;
  • take small flowers from thermoplastic and white beads for pearls;
  • stick them on the contour on the bottle;
  • leave to dry;
  • the same is repeated with the second bottle, using the second half of the heart-shaped stencil;
  • decorate it by gluing a mirror pattern;
  • decorate both bottles with a list;
  • if there is a desire, tie white ribbons on the necks and stick them on the nodules along the bead.


Together with wedding bottles accepted to make outand two more indispensable accessories. These are glasses from which the newlyweds will drink. Their design should be in harmony with the decor of the bulls. For example, if the bottles are decorated in the form of a bride and groom, using a black and white beika, then the glasses should also be decorated using this material.

Now you know how to decorate bottleschampagne for the wedding can be made by own hands, possessing minimal knowledge in the art of decorating, and will be able to please your friends-newlyweds with a beautiful and memorable gift.

The main thing is to show imagination and do everything very carefully. After all, only in this case the bottles will look presentable, and they can be put on the most prominent place of the wedding table.

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