Pump "Gnome": models, specifications, purpose

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Pumps are now used in many areashuman activity. Among others it is possible to distinguish the pump "Gnome", which should be used for pumping out water of different degree of contamination. On sale there are explosion-proof and drainage pumps, which will be discussed below. Before buying, you need to consider how dirty the water will be pumped, because the equipment filters are designed for a certain fraction. Otherwise, the equipment may fail, you will have to change the filter or repair the unit, which is sometimes a very expensive service.

Features of explosion-proof pump brand "Gnome"

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This equipment is mobilea device that is used for pumping ground contaminated water from production sources. The water temperature should not exceed 35 ° C, it is also important to take into account the pH level, which should vary from 5 to 10.

The maximum size of particles contained in water is notshould be more than 5 mm, the liquid may contain even impurities of crude oil, but in volume not more than 10% of the mass. The equipment is unique, because it can pump contaminated water with sulfur, the volume of the latter should not exceed 3%.

Description of mud pump "Gnome" type T

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Mud pumps "Gnome" are used for pumping water, the density of which does not exceed 1100 kg / m3, while the temperature should not be higherthe mark at 60 ° C. The liquid can contain solid particles with a maximum size of up to 5 mm. Density of particles is also regulated and should not be more than 2500 kg / m3. In the pumped-out water, the volume of such impurities can be 10% by mass or less.

Such a pump "Gnome" can be used in construction for drainage of trenches and pits, as well as other facilities in industrial and residential complexes for local and mobile dehumidification.

Appointment of mud pump "Gnome" type T

submersible gnome pump

The water pump "Gnome" can be used forpumping hot water, when there is a breakthrough of the main heating and water supply systems. Such devices have an aluminum casing and a cooling jacket for an electric motor, but the discharge nozzle is at the top. The latter is suitable for use with fire and other pressure hoses of the appropriate diameter. In the stator cavity, oil is poured in for better cooling, which allows pumping liquids whose temperature does not exceed 60 ° C.

Models and technical characteristics of pumps with cooling jacket

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The above described series of pumps is offered for sale in a wide range. Each model has its own technical characteristics, for example, the model "2GNOM 10-10T" per hour is capable of issuing 10 m3 water, with a head of 10 m, whereasthe power is 1.1 kW. Weigh this equipment 19 kg, and its dimensions are 215 x 425 mm. Another model of this series - GNOM 25-20T - delivers water in a volume of 25 m3 per hour, the head is 20 m, and the power is 4 kW.

The GNOM 40-25T model is capable of producing even more water, which is 40 m3 per hour, the head rises to 25 m, and the power is 5.5 kW. The volume of water supply from "GNOM 53-10T" is the largest and is 53 m3 in an hour. The head is 10 m, and the power is 4 kW. The dimensions of the last three models are approximately the same and average 265 x 300 x 605 mm.

Purpose of submersible pumps for contaminated water up to 35 ° С

pump gnome specifications

If you decide to purchase a pump "Gnome", then you canPay attention to submersible models, which are designed for pumping water up to 35 ° C. Contaminated water must have a density that does not exceed 1100 kg / m3, while the solid particles should not be larger than 5 mm in size. Their density per cubic meter should be 2500 kg or less.

Such equipment is used in construction,for drainage of different objects by the type of trenches and excavations. When operating the device, completely immerse in the pumped medium. The nozzle is made with a turn of the jet upwards and is suitable for the use of fire hoses of the appropriate diameter.

Models and technical specifications

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The "Gnome" pump of the above-described series is on sale in eight varieties. As an example, you can consider some options. For example, "4GNOM 10-10" per hour is capable of issuing 10 m3 water, the power at the same time is 0.85 kW, and the mass is 10.5 kg. The equipment under the GNOM 12.5-50 mark is somewhat more powerful, because in an hour the device is capable of issuing 12.5 m3 water. The head is 10 m, the power is 4 kW, and the mass reaches 73 kg. More powerful and not so heavy is the pump "4GNOM 53-10", which gives out 53 m3 water per hour, its head is 10 m, the power is 3.2 kW. Weigh the equipment 45 kg.

Assignment of powerful pumps for contaminated water

The submersible pump "Gnome" is also offered by the manufacturer in the form of rather powerful equipment that is used for pumping out contaminated water with a density of up to 2100 kg / m3. The water temperature in this case should not exceed 35 ° C, and the solids content is allowed in the case when their size does not exceed 15 mm.

This equipment is used in construction,for drainage of various kinds of objects, the area of ​​use can be industrial and residential complexes. If you are interested in such a submersible pump "Gnome", then you should consider the models, which in this series are only three:

  • GNOM 100-25;
  • GNOM 50-50;
  • GNOM 250-17.

Issue water, each of them is capable of a volume of 100, 50 and 250 m3/ h.If we compare the head, then the former has an averaged value of 25 m, whereas in the second and third pumps these parameters are 50 and 17 m, respectively. The power of the first two pumps is 11 kW, while the third - 22 kW.

Technical characteristics and features of the submersible pump "GNOM 16-16 T"

The pump "Gnome 16-16" refers to the submersibledrainage equipment and is used for pumping ground and gravel-clay waters from trenches and excavations. It can be used to irrigate farmland, as well as in civil and industrial construction, in the operation of hydroconstructions, mines and subways. The pump "Gnome 16-16" can be used for dehumidifying basements, foundation pits, as well as pumping out liquid, the temperature of which does not exceed 35 ° С. This is true when it comes to normal performance, if a "T" is added to the marking, the temperature of the liquid can rise to 60 ° C. The design of the pumps is thought out so well that it allows several pumps to be connected in series.

This pump "Gnome", the characteristics of which are presented in the article, is a single-stage monoblock device that will give an hour in 16 m3 water. The head is 16 cm. The power of the equipment is 1.5 kW, the dimensions are 268 x 222 x 481 mm. Weigh this machine brand "Gnome" only 14 kg, which simplifies its operation.

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