Supinators - what is it? Types of arch supports

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Specialists often in the diagnosis of "flat feet"persistently advise their patients to use for his treatment instep arresters. What it is? How do the above products affect the health of the foot and legs as a whole? How to use the arch support? The answers to these questions are detailed below.

The arch supports are? Product photo

arch supports what it is
Experts say that a person has a stoptransverse and longitudinal arches. They soften the jerks during the move. If, for example, the foot is flattened, then the person develops a change in its shape, which is classified as flat feet. The result of such a defect are pain in the calves, joints, lower back. In addition, the legs begin to tire quickly.

Therefore, doctors in this case recommend to the patientuse orthopedic insoles. What is it and what is their function? Specialists give an exhaustive answer: the above product is designed to support the arches of the foot, which are condensed. That is, the arch supports are such special insoles that are embedded in the shoes. They significantly facilitate walking, soften the pain, and also reduce fatigue in the legs.

The functions of insteps. When are they used?

Stem that this is
It is known that flat feet causes a violationspring function of the foot. Therefore, it is on the joints and spine in this case, there is all the shock load when walking. Also, flat feet have a negative effect on the human brain. After all, every single step leads to its next microcrack.

Specialists in such cases advise patients orthopedic insoles. What it is? The main functions of this product:

  • preventing the occurrence of deformation of the foot;
  • reducing the load on the joints and spine;
  • easing of pain while walking;
  • prevention of flattening of the foot.

In addition, the instep supports facilitate the return to the normal state of the whole musculoskeletal system.

The above products are used in the following cases:

  • after a fracture of the foot or bones of the lower leg;
  • to support the arches of the foot;
  • to prevent fatigue of the feet;
  • to improve blood flow in the lower limbs;
  • to reduce the load on the ankle, hip, knee joints and spine.

Sometimes specialists can advise the patient on these orthopedic insoles to improve his overall well-being.

Types of arch supports

arch supports
Orthopedic insoles are made of leather,cork, plastic. There are also leather and metal products of this type. They are the most common and represent a metal plate that is curved specifically in the shape of the leg and is covered with leather.

It should be noted that all orthopedic insoles must always be covered with natural or foamed material from the outside. Also, the above products are often covered with a special leatherette.

For orthopedic insoles, you need proper care. Because this material absorbs odors, it is a good breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Several types can be arch supports. What it is?

  1. Supinators for supporting the arches of the foot are longitudinal.
  2. Orthopedic insoles to support the arches of the foot of the transverse (mainly used by women, since this change of foot is the result of wearing high-heeled shoes).

Supinators differ in size and height of the leg. There is also a right and left orthopedic insole.

How to choose and insert the instep support

arch supports this photo
Only a qualified doctor can accuratelyDetermine exactly which supinator is needed for the patient. The correct way to put in the foot supports? That this is so important, not everyone guesses. The high edge of the insole should be placed at the inner edge of the foot. The rounded part of the arch support finds its place under the heel.

Shoes in which the above will be insertedthe product must be free and not compress the feet. Valenki and boots with a heel are absolutely not suitable for insteps. They quickly break down and can cause pain in the legs.

So, to eliminate the signs of flat feet andSuppression of painful sensations is recommended for patients. They not only produce a curative effect, but also play the role of an excellent leg simulator.

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