Fungus on face: types, causes and treatment

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On the skin of absolutely every person is containeda lot of microorganisms, including fungal ones. Usually they do not cause any harm or discomfort, since they are completely harmless. But during malfunctions in the body, fungi begin to multiply more actively and become pathogens of such a disease as mycosis.


Consider why there is a fungus of the skin of the face, as well as ways of fighting and preventing this unpleasant phenomenon.

Causes of fungus on the face in adults

As mentioned above, the cause of mycosis is excessive reproduction on the face of fungus Candida.

face fungus

This process can contribute to some factors:

  • decreased immunity;
  • consumption of sweet and flour in very large quantities;
  • contact with people who are already infected with fungus, as well as using their personal belongings (cosmetics, washcloths, towels);
  • severe sweating;
  • presence of micro-trauma on the skin of the face;
  • prolonged exposure in a warm and humid environment.

Signs of the appearance of fungus on the face in adults

What is accompanied by the appearance of such an unpleasantphenomenon, like a fungus on the face? Symptoms may differ slightly in each individual case, although there are some unchanged indicators. These include:

  • the appearance on the skin of cracks, ulcers and eruptions;
  • presence of permanent and severe itching in the affected area;
  • peeling of the skin.

With the help of laboratory research it is possible to studySkin covers in more detail and accurately identify the causative agent of the disease. This will be necessary for the further appointment of the right kind of treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the skin particles that were taken from the affected area of ​​the face.

fungus on face photo

It is worth considering that there is a so-called"risk group". The people who entered it are most susceptible to such a phenomenon as a fungus on their face. These include athletes, military, as well as those who differ in excessive sweating and do not follow the rules of personal hygiene.

What is the danger of a fungus on the face?

As a rule, during the initial stage of developmentthe fungus on the face has a completely innocuous character, since it affects exclusively the dead skin cells (epidermis). However, if you do not start timely treatment, the disease can become chronic and get rid of it will be quite difficult. In this case, skin peeling, which is observed at the beginning of the disease, can lead to the formation of vesicles. Those, in turn, burst, leaving wet, prone to inflammatory processes.

All these processes cause the loosening of the skin, some of which can begin to separate. As you can see, there is nothing pleasant about this phenomenon.

Fungus can spread not only in the face, but also throughout the body. In this case, there is a great danger, since it can hurt the internal organs, which will lead to the pathology of the blood vessels.

In addition, the fungus on the face (photo at the beginning of the articleis a proof) does not look very aesthetic, and in some cases is capable of completely disgusting. Therefore, at the first signs of the disease should contact the clinic for the appointment of the necessary type of treatment.

Medical treatment of fungus on the face in adults

After confirmation of the diagnosis, anotherthe question: "Than to treat a fungus on the face?". It should be noted that only a physician can decide on the decision to prescribe this therapy, based on the results of laboratory tests.

Treatment may include takingmedicines, as well as the use of special creams and ointments. With regard to tablets, the most popular are such drugs as Orungal, Diflucan, Lamizil and others. They affect the fungus from the inside, due to which they have high efficiency. At the same time, the necessary dose of each of the funds is calculated individually.

For external use, the doctor may prescribeCream "Mikoket" or ointment "Miconazole". They prevent further reproduction of the fungus and destroy it. The course of treatment will differ in each case.

Facial fungus: treatment with folk remedies

To get rid of the arisen problem it is possible and with the help of folk remedies. They act as an auxiliary therapy in combination with drug treatment.

fungus on face treatment
Let's consider some of the options.

  1. Lemon juice. It must be rubbed into the affected areas of the skin. The effectiveness of this simple method can be explained by the fact that fungi very poorly reproduce in an acidic environment.
  2. Garlic. It should be noted right away that this method will not suit everyone. This can be explained by the presence of a strong odor and the possible appearance of allergic reactions. It is necessary to grind the garlic with garlic, combine it with a small amount of butter and apply the mixture on the affected skin. After 30-40 minutes, rinse the mask with water.
  3. Raisins. It is necessary to cut it in half and rub the diseased skin.
  4. Infusion of horsetail. They need to wash the problem areas 3-4 times a day.

Fungus on the face of a child

Children are susceptible to the appearance of mycosis even more than adults. This is due to the poor protection of the skin and the unformed immune system.

fungus on face symptoms

Fungus on the face of children appears in mostcases due to inadequate compliance with hygiene rules, in contact with sick people or after visiting public places (swimming pool, beach, toilet and so on).

Fungus in children is manifested as:

  • redness of the skin;
  • severe itching in the affected area;
  • fluid performances;
  • appearance of a grayish raid on the infected area;
  • dry skin.

Depending on the pathogen these signs can be supplemented by others, for example, the appearance of rashes, hair loss and so on.

Treatment of fungus in children

Despite the fact that both adults and childrenThe causative agent of the disease is most often the same fungus, the methods of treatment will be different. This is due to the fact that the baby's body is not yet able to carry "adult" drugs.

Pediatricians usually recommend the use of such drugs,as Miconazole, Naftifin, Clotrimazole, Terbinafine. The dosage will depend on the age of the child and other indicators, so it is better to entrust such calculations to a specialist and not engage in self-medication.

To improve the skin, boric acid, potassium permanganate, salicylic alcohol or a solution of furacilin can be used.

Prevention of fungal infections

How to protect yourself from such trouble asa fungus on the face? First and foremost, it is important to follow the rules of personal hygiene and not to use other people's personal belongings (towels, slippers, etc.). In addition, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the skin of the face: it must be clean and dry, as the fungus "loves" the moist environment.

fungus on the face of a child

The next point is to strengthen immunity. This includes observing the regime of the day, regular and regular meals, regular walks in the fresh air, physical activity and enough rest during work.

If a disease (fungus) is found in one of the family members, it is necessary to immediately completely disinfect its belongings and stop any contacts with it until the moment of full recovery.

As we see, the observance of preventive measures is notrequires special efforts. But the final result in the form of a healthy and clean skin is worth it! It's easier to avoid the problem, than to waste time and money to eliminate it.

Be healthy!

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