How to prepare burnt sugar from cough: recipe

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Everyone knows how painful a cough is,accompanying almost all colds. In such a situation, it seems that he can not stop any medication. And then we learn (or remember) the folk recipes our grandmothers used. One of them, unquestionably, is burnt sugar.

Perhaps someone will be surprised, but someone is skepticalgrins - how can such a simple product become an effective medicine? However, it is necessary to recognize the time-proved fact - burnt sugar from a cough really helps. This is due to the fact that during heating, it changes its structure and acquires new healing properties. It is especially effective for treating children who are very reluctant to drink medicines.

burnt sugar

Benefit of sweet medicine, to whom it is recommended

Just want to make a reservation that it is not a panaceaBurnt sugar, and it does not always help. It should be taken only with a dry cough, which causes irritation in the throat. Usually it happens with pharyngitis, and in this case, an amazing drug softens the mucous and reduces the cough reflex.

When the inflammatory process seizes the larynxand vocal cords (laryngitis), burnt sugar is used in complex therapy. With inflammation of the bronchi and trachea at the very beginning of the disease, the patient suffers from a severe dry cough, the spitting of the sputum is difficult, therefore a sweet remedy can be used as an aid to relieve irritation, facilitate liquefaction and sputum discharge.

Burnt sugar from cough: how to cook?

It is not difficult to prepare this folk remedy. It is done quickly and simply. The main thing is to make sure that sugar is not burnt. Prepare it immediately before use. There are several recipes for burnt sugar. In some embodiments, in addition to the main ingredient, other readily available components are present in the medicament.

Sugar with milk

Melt half a tablespoon above the burnersugar to caramel color and a sticky condition. Pour it into a cup of warm milk and stir to completely dissolve the sugar. Drink a remedy in one go. It will ease the condition, reduce the pain in the throat and relieve a fit of coughing. You can add a little butter to the warm milk, which will soften the sore throat.

burnt sugar with milk

With lemon juice

In many editions of traditional medicine, you canfind recommendations on how to make burnt sugar with lemon. This is really an effective tool, because it not only removes a fit of cough, but also has antimicrobial properties, strengthens the body as a whole.

And it is prepared as simply: melted sugar is poured into a glass of warm water, stir until completely dissolved and to taste add lemon juice. In a day you should take a drink 3-4 times.

burnt sugar with lemon

With onion juice

Reflex of the body to irritation, whichcause pathogens, is a cough. This fact explains the use in the next recipe of a component with a powerful antiseptic property - onion. It enhances the action of the remedy.

To make it, it is necessary in a glassboiled warm water dissolve the burnt sugar and add the juice squeezed from one medium-sized bulb. Mix the mixture thoroughly and take up to 6 times a day on a tablespoon.

With medicinal plants

The healing properties of burnt sugar many timesstrengthen infusions or herbal medicinal herbs. Anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties have a mother-and-stepmother, plantain, licorice roots, althea and many others. From medicinal herbs are prepared infusions.

For this, a spoon (table) of raw materials is necessarypour a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour and strain. Of the roots, it is more expedient to prepare a decoction. It is prepared as follows: enameled dishes are covered with a spoonful of raw materials, pour 250 ml of boiled water and send the composition for 15 minutes to a water bath. When the broth cools down, its volume must be brought to its original boiled water.

burnt sugar with medicinal herbs

In a glass of the previously prepared medicinalinfusion or broth pour the cooked sugar. Stir it thoroughly until completely dissolved. To this composition, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Drink cooked thus burnt sugar from a cough, the recipe of which is quite simple, three times a day for a quarter of a glass. To small patients such drink give on a table spoon, but after consultation with the pediatrist.

With raspberry tea

Instead of the usual tea, brew raspberry leaves (you canuse dry ones), let them brew for a quarter of an hour, strain and add a teaspoon of burnt sugar to the fragrant drink. Such warming tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties, is taken before bedtime. If after a few days the patient does not improve health, the cough persists and the temperature keeps, it is necessary to call a doctor at home.

Treatment of a child

Treatment with folk remedies should be conductedonly with the permission of the attending physician. This is especially important when it comes to a sick child. The fact is that in the child's body inflammatory processes develop rapidly, and self-medication can lead to lost time in diagnosing a serious disease. With extreme caution should be approached to treat very young children who do not yet know how to clear their throat: active sputum secretion carries the risk of mucus entering the respiratory tract.

It is for this reason that children under three years of ageMedicines that increase sputum discharge can be given only with the permission and under the supervision of a physician. If your pediatrician does not object to the use of burnt sugar, then depending on the age, children are prepared syrup or sugar candies.

treatment of a child

Cough syrup

Such a tool is preferable to give at allto small children. The principle of its preparation is known to you: the sugar above the burner melts to a golden amber color. It is important that the smell is pleasant, and the sugar is not burnt. It is poured into half a cup of boiled warm water (or milk) and thoroughly stirred. Take such a composition several times a day for a tablespoon. Children over six years of age can drink the whole portion at once.

baked syrup


Kids with pleasure accept such "delicacy". For its preparation in a dry spoon from stainless steel, pour a teaspoon of granulated sugar. Hold it over the fire until completely dissolved. In the process, gently stir it to make the sugar evenly melt, finding a golden brown color. Soon you will feel a pleasant aroma of caramel.

Prepare a plate in advance, greasing it with creamyor olive oil. This is necessary for easy removal of candies. On the plate, gently pour out the viscous liquid. It is possible to pour the "burnt" into a mold and insert a toothpick into the candy, previously cutting off its pointed ends.


I would like to warn parents that this is notan ordinary delicacy and you can not abuse it. One candy is enough for a day. You can add to the melting compound a drop of sage oil, thyme or other antiviral expectorant, then the candy will have a double effect.


Such a cough remedy should not be taken to patients,suffering from diabetes. For the rest of the people, including pregnant women, he will not harm harm if taken in small portions and properly cooked (not overheated).

In very rare cases,individual intolerance, which causes even more irritation and perspiration in the throat. Such a remedy sometimes causes heartburn in people with inflammation of the esophagus and in patients who have a diaphragm hernia diagnosed. This is extremely rare, but if you feel discomfort in the esophagus, it is better to refuse treatment with burnt sugar.

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