Laxatives for rapid action in tablets. List of the best, instructions, reviews

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Incorrect nutrition, long receptionmedications, sedentary lifestyle - these are the main causes of problems with digestion. It is not always possible to avoid factors that provoke the development of a pathological condition. It should be understood that laxatives of rapid action (in tablets or liquid form) will only temporarily relieve unpleasant symptoms and discomfort. Before you start taking these medications, you need to undergo a medical examination and establish the true cause of the digestive disorder.

How laxatives work

The easiest way to eliminate constipation is to takelaxative. Such medicines are presented on pharmacy stalls in a wide choice. Their main task is to remove symptoms, but they do not affect the main cause of the pathology. Therefore, their assistance should be resorted to in the most extreme cases.

Laxatives for rapid action in tablets

All existing laxativesdiffer in the mechanism of action. Getting into the body, they pass through the entire digestive tract, starting to act only in the large intestine. They activate peristalsis, increase osmotic pressure and soften fecal masses. Some patients are forced to regularly take laxatives, many of which are addictive. The most effective medicine should be selected by a specialist, given the age and severity of the patient's condition. In addition to drug therapy, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of constipation.

Types of laxatives

Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety oflaxatives of rapid action: in tablets and drops, in the form of syrup and powder for the preparation of solution, in the form of rectal suppositories. All of them differ in the mechanism of action. Most patients, wishing to get a quick result, choose the most dangerous group of laxatives - irritating receptors of the colon preparations. Use them only if you have acute constipation for an early relief of the condition. Therapeutic effect is observed after 5-8 hours after taking the drug.

Soft laxative

Osmotic is also commongroup of laxatives. Their action is based on fluid retention in the lumen of the intestine, which contributes to the dilution of stool. These are safe remedies that can be used for a long time without causing a negative impact on the body. They have a mild laxative effect and do not cause the development of laziness syndrome.

Intestinal fillers and herbal preparations

Intestinal fillers - natural orsynthetic origin. They are not absorbed into the intestinal wall, contribute to an increase in the volume of stool and accelerate the emptying of the rectum. This laxative remedy for the intestine has a delayed effect. Achieve the desired effect on the use of drugs in this group can only be on 2-3 days. A day at the same time you need to drink at least two liters of fluid. Patients often refuse treatment with intestinal excipients due to side effects.

Laxative for the intestine

For the treatment of mild constipation,vegetative laxatives. Such drugs are released in the form of tablets, teas, syrups, powders. Laxatives based on medicinal plants can be taken for a long time.

Possible causes of constipation

Normally, urge to defecate, the multiplicity of whichdepends on individual characteristics, occur spontaneously. If, for some reason, the work of the lower intestinal calving is disrupted, the processing products are delayed. The causes of constipation can be very different. Predisposing factors are:

  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • limited use of liquid;
  • containment of urge to defecate;
  • weakness of the muscles of the lower intestine;
  • frequent application of laxative.

Disrupt the motor activity of the intestine are capable of: various pathologies of the endocrine system, vegetative dysfunction, changes in blood flow (blood circulation in the intestinal wall worsens).

Rapid action laxatives: a list of effective drugs

The most unsafe for the body are consideredlaxatives fast action. Their use should be resorted to only as a last resort. They retain fluid and prevent the absorption of electrolytes. This group includes the following drugs:

  • Guttalax.
  • Bisacodyl.
  • "It's weak."
  • Laxatin.
  • "Fitomycil".
  • «Regulax».
  • "Senadixin."
  • "Dulcolact".
  • "Guttasil."
  • "Senad".

Strong fast laxative

Irritant laxative remediesActions (in tablets, drops, candles) should be taken with a reduced intestinal motility. Therapeutic effect can be observed already 8 hours after taking the medicine. The constant intake of such medications leads to a decrease in peristalsis and intestinal tone.

Luttle medicine "Guttalax"

The main active ingredient of the drug inform of droplets is sodium picosulfate. The substance irritates the walls of the intestine, strengthening the motor. The activity of the drug is observed only in the large intestine. Assign "Guttalax" for the regulation of stool with dysbacteriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids. According to the instructions, the laxative is used in case of need liquefaction of stool in elderly patients suffering from chronic constipation, in preparation for surgical intervention and during recovery.

Application of laxative

In pediatrics, such a laxative with constipationappoint very rarely. Children can use it only from the age of 4. Among the contraindications - pregnancy, intestinal obstruction, acute inflammation of the digestive tract, dehydration.

Dulcolax (tablets)

Strong fast laxative"Dulcolax" (Germany) has an active ingredient bisacodyl, which irritates the mucous walls of the intestine. In the large intestine, the drug causes increased excretion of mucus, activates peristalsis. The urge to defecate after the use of tablets can be felt after 6 hours. If the drug was taken before bedtime, the laxative effect will appear in 8-10 hours. The enteric coating of the tablets is resistant to the action of gastric juice.

Laxative fast action list

In the form of tablets, the drug is prescribed for constipation caused by hypotension of the colon, with anal fissures and hemorrhoids, as preparation for surgery.

Contraindications or side effects

The greatest number of contraindications to use are laxatives of rapid action. In tablets, the Dulcolax preparation can not be administered in the following cases:

  • hemorrhoids in the stage of exacerbation;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • spastic constipation;
  • internal bleeding;
  • inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • hypersensitivity to laxative components;
  • pregnancy (especially the first trimester);
  • dehydration of the body;
  • acute pain in the abdomen;
  • pathology of the intestine;
  • children under 4 years.

Among the side effects can be observed spasmodic pains, diarrhea (fraught with severe dehydration and violation of the balance of electrolytes), flatulence, allergies.

Laxative tablets "Senadexin"

The preparation contains sennoside A and B -a substance of natural origin, extracted from the leaves of Senna. The component acts on the motility of the colon, irritating the receptors, is not addictive. The laxative effect of chewable tablets is observed 6-10 hours after ingestion.

Laxative for constipation

An essential advantage of the drug isabsence of negative influence on digestion processes. A strong laxative fast action is recommended to take at night and drink plenty of water. According to the instructions, tablets can be taken once or undergo a course of therapy. The drug can be administered to children from the age of six. Dosage should be calculated by the attending physician.

Analogues of "Senadexin" are the following laxatives of rapid action (in tablets):

  1. "Glaxenna".
  2. "Senna".
  3. "Senad".
  4. Bekunis.

Before taking laxative preparations of irritant effect, you should get a doctor's consultation.

In most cases, experts recommendpatients take a mild laxative, which will not cause addiction and other complications from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to drug therapy, you must follow a diet, consume large amounts of liquid and foods rich in fiber. In addition, do not forget about physical exercises.

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