The drug is "Akvalor". Instructions for use

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Medication "Akvalor" has a soothingaction on the highly sensitive or irritated or injured nasal mucosa. The drug is perfect for daily hygiene. The drug "Akvalor" (the instruction on the use contains such information) ensures the maintenance of a stable physiological state of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and nasal cavity. Active ingredients: extracts of aloe and chamomile.

The drug is "Akvalor". Application

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The product thoroughly rinses the cavity sections,cleaning them actively from dirt, mucus, crusts, allergens, viruses and bacteria. The drug helps to reduce mucosal edema, eliminates irritation, has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, facilitates nasal breathing. With simultaneous use with medicines intended for irrigation of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx, the effect of these drugs is enhanced, which helps to shorten the duration of therapy. The drug helps to reduce the timing of regeneration (recovery, healing) of the mucosa, reduces the likelihood of complications after interventions on the paranasal sinuses and in the nasal cavity. "Aqualor" (application instruction confirms this) effectively eliminates the irritation of the nasopharyngeal mucosa and nose in smokers, persons working in harmful conditions, drivers of transport, people who often stay in rooms with air conditioning or central heating. The medication is recommended for daily care while staying in areas with unfavorable climatic and environmental conditions.

Means of "Aqualor". Instructions for use

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Children under two years of washing the nose are exercised inhorizontal position. The head of the child is turned to the side, the tip of the can is inserted into the nasal passage. The cavity is washed for several seconds. After the end of the procedure, the child should be seated and allowed to blow his nose. To irrigate another nasal passage, you need to repeat the manipulations, turning the baby's head in the opposite direction. Flushing with the drug "Akvalor" (the instruction for use contains such data), the nasopharynx and the nasal cavity for people over two years old are standing. The head should be tilted sideways over the sink. Washing is carried out within a few seconds. The tip of the can is inserted first into one nostril, then into the second. Between washing the nasal passages is recommended to be flaunt. If necessary, the procedure is repeated. The duration of use of the medication is not limited.


The drug "Akvalor" (instructions for use,expert reviews confirm this) is not assigned for intolerance to components. In all other cases, including during pregnancy and feeding, the use of the drug is allowed.

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Adverse manifestation

As practice shows, the medicine is transferredsatisfactory even when used for a long time. Against the background of intolerance of active substances, an allergy is possible. However, this phenomenon is extremely rare.

The drug is "Akvalor". Price

Spray can be purchased at pharmacies at a price of 90 rubles.

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