Atheroklefit: instructions for use

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At the heart of most cardiovascular diseasessystem lies precisely atherosclerosis. A cause of atherosclerosis is high cholesterol and a violation of fat metabolism. An excellent herbal preparation, which is based on a variety of folk recipes and effectively cleans vessels of cholesterol, is "Ateroclefit".

The drug "Atheroklefit": instruction (composition)

The preparation contains a meadow clover thatIt is known all over the world and is widely used for the treatment of many diseases. The grass and inflorescences of this plant contain biotin, polysaccharides, alkaloids, inositol, flavonoids, salicylic and folic acid, carotene, copper, zinc, cobalt, organic phosphorus, trifolines, glycosides, vitamins of various groups. Also, there is a red clover in the composition, which was noticed back in the 70s, as it significantly improves the activity of the heart. Numerous studies of the flavonoids of this herb have shown that nature has not yet created the best vessel cleaner from cholesterol. Due to the perfectly selected complex of compounds, the drug "Ateroclefit" stimulates blood vessels and capillaries, reduces their permeability and significantly increases elasticity, protects human cells from the destructive and destroying action of free radicals, stimulates immunity, normalizes fat metabolism, quickly converts cholesterol to folic acid and removes its from the body. Sometimes a medicine is used as a diuretic for edema, which are of cardiac origin.

Thus, the composition of the capsules of the medicament is50 milligram clover red, 50 milligrams of hawthorn flowers, as much vitamin C, 20 mg of nicotinic acid and auxiliary components, such as aerosil, calcium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose.

The drug "Ateroclefit": instruction (indications for use)

The drug is prescribed to improvegeneral condition of the cardiovascular system, as it strengthens blood vessels, reduces thrombosis. The drug is especially recommended for those people who are predisposed to atherosclerosis, and also suffer from vascular pathologies, arterial hypertension, a violation of protein and fat metabolism. Often medicine is prescribed with excessive body weight and hypodynamia. In some cases, the drug is taken under stress.

The drug "Atheroklefit": contraindications

The drug is not recommended only in case ofindividual intolerance of any components that make up the composition. Unlike other drugs, the drug "Atherokefit" is safe and harmless, it does not have any negative effects on the human body. This is very important for atherosclerosis, as the treatment of this disease is permanent and quite long-term.

Simultaneously with taking the drug it would be veryit is useful to revise the lifestyle and include more fruits and vegetables in the diet, and salt and animal fats to limit and minimize. It is desirable to give up beer and strong alcohol, as well as smoking.

The drug "Atheroklefit": instruction (way of use)

Adults should take one tablettwice a day. Atheroklefit drops should be taken in an amount of 20-30 pieces three times a day during meals. Usually the course lasts up to 30 days, and the second appointment can be resumed in two weeks. Doctors recommend taking four courses a year.

The drug "Atheroklefit": instruction (special instructions)

The drug should be stored in a cool dry place. Shelf life of the drug is two years.

Note! This article is only for informational purposes, so before you start taking the drug, be sure to consult with your doctor and read the enclosed in the package manufacturer's annotation.

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