Hematoma. Treatment will help to avoid complications.

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It is worth a man unsuccessful to touch the doorjamb,stumble, jump from a small height, something not quite successfully drop on his leg, but little else that can happen, and he has a bruise, which results in a hematoma. Treatment of this common damage should begin immediately. It is dangerous because the integrity of the skin is not disturbed, and the main lesions are located inside. These are wounds of the vessels and, consequently, bleeding, accompanied by not too severe pain.

Happens as external, at a trauma (a bruise)soft tissues, and internal hematoma. The consequences of the latter are most dangerous. If this is the result of an accident, a catastrophe and other situations in which the body is injured in the area of ​​vital organs, even a lethal outcome is possible. In such situations, if a stroke occurs, even if the hematoma is not visible, the treatment begins with an immediate call of an ambulance or a quick delivery of the victim to the hospital.

Unfortunately, many people do not consider thisdamage is dangerous and often just leave it without attention. Meanwhile, severe bruises can lead to serious, and sometimes irreversible, consequences. If the size of the hematoma is large enough, it is fraught with the development of the inflammatory process, and in advanced cases even purulent inflammation. Especially dangerous if there is more than one hematoma on the body. Treatment should begin with immediate application to the damaged area of ​​ice. It promotes rapid constriction of blood vessels and stops bleeding. In addition, using cold, you can significantly reduce pain. The remaining measures are recommended to be performed two days after the hematoma was formed.

Treatment should help blood fasterto resolve. It is recommended to perform a gentle massage of this area, apply a warmer pad and various absorbents. If a person is large enough or increasing in size, hematoma, how to treat it? In such a situation, you need to consult a doctor and do the operation. This will help to prevent the future process of suppuration and other complications. Operative intervention is an extreme measure. More often the doctor prescribes a course of antibiotics and other procedures that promote better resorption and elimination of inflammation.

Painful sensations, swelling and, of course, bruises- this is the consequences to which the hematoma leads. How to treat it to get rid of them faster? The proceeds will come from folk and proven funds for years. For quick resorption, disappearance of pain and bruise (bruises), use salt and vinegar. Take a nine percent vinegar and one spoonful of salt, mix and soak the resulting solution with a clean napkin. Apply to a sore spot and hold for half an hour. The bruise will disappear very quickly. If there is a hematoma, the consequences are always expressed in a long and unpleasant pain. To get rid of it, and at the same time to help resolve the blood, we will use soap. Not everyone knows, but this is one of the most effective drugs in the fight against hematomas. Grind the laundry soap, add one yolk and a little water. The resulting ointment is applied to a sore spot, we put gauze on top and fix the bandage with a bandage. In a few minutes the pain will subside. Many have heard that bodyguards are one of the best tools for rapid resorption of bruises. Mix it with a little water, so that a thick "dough" is obtained. Store the dough in the refrigerator. From it we make tortillas and apply them to the site of the bruise. We change to new ones at least twice a day. Very soon, the hematoma will not leave a trace.

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