How to cure the flux at home with folk and chemist's products

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A visit to a dentist is nevercauses positive emotions. However, in the event that there is an odontogenic periostitis, it is not recommended to postpone visiting a doctor in the long box. The cause of the flux (the obsolete name of the pathology), as a rule, becomes a tooth, affected by caries. The gum above it inflames. Flux, the photo of which is presented below, can cause a swelling in the cheek. Pathology, as a rule, does not do without severe pain.

how to cure the flux in the home

Treatment of flux by folk remedies

In the case of odontogenic periostitis,a specialist should be prescribed antibiotics. There are cases when it is impossible to do without the surgeon's intervention. People's remedies will help to relieve pain and inflammation. To do this, you need to know how to cure the flux at home. However, alleviating the symptoms of pathology is by no means the reason for canceling a visit to a doctor. The most effective procedure for the occurrence of odontogenic periostitis is rinsing the mouth with herbal sage and mustard plaster. To prepare the remedy, a mixture in which medicinal plants are in equal quantities (sixty grams), brewed in three hundred grams of boiling water, and then insisted. Such a rinse rinse your mouth. The number of procedures during the day should be at least eight.

flux photo

How to cure the flux in the home withother herbs? It is possible to prepare a herb collection consisting of sixty grams of sage and the same amount of oak and St. John's wort. The curative mixture is brewed in a liter of boiling water and is used about ten times during the day. The oral cavity can be rinsed with a hot broth prepared from sage and green tea. In this tool it is recommended to add a pinch of salt. To relieve the pain caused by the flux, folk medicine recommends using a brewed mixture consisting of sixty grams of birch buds and the same amount of angelica, periwinkle and peppermint. The mouthwash procedure should be performed six times a day. The effect is enhanced by replacing water with vodka in a volume of 0.8 liters.

than to treat the flux

How to cure a flux at homemeans? A simple solution can be used. For its preparation in a glass of warm water, a teaspoonful of soda and salt dissolves. This solution rinses the mouth cavity every thirty minutes.

Treatment of flux by pharmacy

Excellent antiseptic propertiesa solution of chlorophyllipt is present. A tablespoon of the drug is diluted in two hundred grams of warm water. The resulting solution is used to rinse the mouth. Odontogenic periostitis is eliminated and with the help of antibiotics. However, before treating the flux with the use of these drugs, you need to get advice from a dentist. Only on the recommendation of a specialist, reception and anesthetics are possible.

How to cure the flux in the home using a compress

With severe pain to the affected tooth, you canattach a bandage moistened with a herbal decoction of mustard and sage. Compresses should not be hot, otherwise the spread of pus can increase dramatically. Folk healers are also advised to use boiled cabbage leaves and onions with the flux. Relief brings a soda compress.

It is worth remembering that all the folk methods that you can apply at home are temporary measures that allow you to take pain and disinfect the oral cavity.

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