"Meloflex": instructions for use. Composition, reviews, contra-indications, analogues

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In what situations do doctors prescribe to their patientsa preparation "Meloflex"? Instructions on the use of this tool, its testimony, composition, analogs and release forms will be presented in this article. In addition, from it you will learn about whether this medication has side effects and contraindications, what is known about cases of overdose, how patients and specialists respond about it, how much it costs and so on.

meloflex instructions for use

Composition of the preparation and the form of its release

In what form does the drug go on sale?"Meloflex"? The injections are his only form of release. The solution for intramuscular injection contains such an active element as meloxicam. In addition, the preparation includes additional components. These include the following: meglumine, sodium chloride, glycofurfural, glycine, poloxamer, sodium hydroxide solution and water.

In the pharmacy, injections "Meloflex", the instructions of which will be presented later, can be purchased in cardboard packages of 5 or 3 ampoules inside (1.5 ml).

Pharmacological characteristics of the injection

What is the drug "Meloflex"(nyxes)? Instructions for the use of the injection solution states that it refers to anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal). This drug is a product of enolic acid, due to which it is able to exert antipyretic and analgesic effect.

Pronounced anti-inflammatory effectmentioned drug is installed on all models (standard) of inflammation. The principle of the drug is that it is able to inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, which, in fact, are known mediators of inflammation.

It should be especially noted that the drug "Meloflex"the price of which is not very high, inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins on the site of inflammation much more than in the kidneys or mucosa of the stomach. These differences are directly related to a more selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 compared to cyclooxygenase-1. Experts argue that the COX-2 inhibition provides the therapeutic effect of the agent presented. However, the inhibition of the constantly-present isoenzyme COX-1 is very often the cause of side effects from the kidneys and stomach.

Pharmacokinetics of medicament

After using the drug "Meloflex", reviewswhich are of an ambiguous nature, its active component binds to plasma proteins in a volume of 99%. This medication passes through the histohematological barrier, and also enters the synovial fluid. The concentration in it is 50% of the concentration in the plasma.

meloflex injections instruction manual

Metabolism of the drug occurs in the liver(metabolized to inactive metabolites). Leaves the drug through the intestine and through the kidneys (in equal parts). In this case, the remedy is unchanged in an amount of 5% of the daily dose.

Indications for use of NSAIDs

At what deviations is the "Meloflex" (injections) indicated? The instructions for use contain information that the medicinal product is prescribed only in the following cases:

  • with rheumatoid arthritis;
  • with osteoarthritis;
  • with Bekhterev's disease (that is, with ankylosing spondylitis).

It is impossible not to say that this typemedications are often prescribed for symptomatic treatment, reduction of pain syndromes and inflammation that are present at the time of application of the drug. Also it should be said that he has no influence on the progression of the disease. Therefore, it can be safely prescribed to patients with the above diagnoses.

Contraindications to the use of NSAIDs

When should I not use injections?"Meloflex"? Instructions for the use of this solution contains a fairly large list of contraindications. You can get acquainted with it right now.

  • Hypersensitivity of the patient to other anti-inflammatory drugs (nonsteroidal).
  • Combination of recurrent polyposis of paranasal sinuses and nose, as well as bronchial asthma, acid intolerance of acetylsalicylic and preparations of pyrazolone series.
  • Ulcerous lesions of the shell of the stomach and duodenum, especially during the period of exacerbation.
  • Hypersensitivity to the elements of the injection solution.
  • Active bleeding from the digestive tract.
  • Patient condition after shunting (aortocoronary).
  • Children, as well as adolescence (can not be used until age 18).
  • Renal failure (chronic) in patients who have not undergone dialysis (CC less than 30 mL / min.).
  • Inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Kidney disease (progressive).
  • Hyperkalemia confirmed.
  • Hepatic insufficiency of severe degree or active liver disease.
    table of analogues of medicines

Ostrich application of the agent

In what cases with extreme caution?prescribe medication "Meloflex"? Instructions for the use of the injectable solution contain information that it should be prescribed very carefully to the elderly, as well as patients with IHD, diabetes, cerebrovascular diseases, heart failure (chronic), dyslipidemia / hyperlipidemia, peripheral arterial diseases, renal insufficiency with QC 30-60 ml / min), ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract in history, presence of infection Helicobacter pylori and severe somatic abnormalities.

Also with special care this drugit is necessary to use people who smoke and suffer from alcoholism. In addition, long-term use of this NSAID is prohibited, as well as its simultaneous use with oral GCS, including Prednisolone, anticoagulants, including the drug Warfarin, antiplatelet agents, including Clopidogrel, selective reuptake inhibitors serotonin, including medications "Tsitalopram", "Fluoxetine", "Paroxetine" and "Sertralin".

Medication "Meloflex": instructions for use

How and in what dosages should the drug be used? It must be administered deep and only intramuscularly. In this case, intravenous use of the solution is strictly prohibited.

Intramuscular administration of the drug is indicated only during the first few days of therapy. In the future, the patient is usually given oral NSAIDs.

So in what dosages should I use the drug for a particular disease? We will answer this question right now.

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs from osteoarthritis inthe phase of exacerbation is prescribed in an amount of 7.5 mg per day. If the patient's condition does not change for the better, then this amount can be increased to 15 mg per day.
  • With ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoidarthritis medication prescribed in the amount of 15 mg per day. Depending on the effect, the volume of the solution can be reduced to 7.5 mg per day. It is highly recommended not to exceed the daily dose of this drug (15 mg).
    meloflex shots reviews

How can elderly people be treated like this?diseases like osteoarthritis (treatment)? Anti-inflammatory drugs should be administered with extreme caution. With long-term treatment of ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, the dosage is 7.5 mg per day. For those who are prone to side effects, therapy should begin with a similar dosage.

Patients who are on dialysis and havesevere renal failure, it is forbidden to prescribe the drug above the daily dose (7.5 mg per day). In people with moderate or mild renal impairment (QC greater than 25 mL / min.), There is no need to reduce dosage.

Adverse Events

What to do if the medicine is nothelps the patient or affects him in a negative way? The table of analogues of medicines should always be at hand. Thanks to her, the patient can get a similar remedy that is more suitable for his body.

Do anti-inflammatory "Meloflex" injections have side effects? According to the instructions, this drug can cause a number of negative consequences. What kind? Consider them right now.

  • Organs of hematopoiesis: anemia, tamocytopenia, changes in the blood formula, including leukopenia.
  • Digestive system: dyspepsia, hyperbilirubinemia, nausea, gastroduodenal ulcer, vomiting, belching, abdominal pain, esophagitis, constipation, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, including ulcers, flatulence, stomatitis, diarrhea, transient increase in hepatic transaminase activity, hepatitis, gastrointestinal perforation, gastritis and colitis.
  • Respiratory system: attacks of bronchial asthma in people with an allergy to NSAIDs and acid acetylsalicylic.
  • Skin covers: hives, itching, photosensitivity, skin rashes, bullous eruptions, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme.
  • CNS: tinnitus, dizziness, disorientation, headache, confusion, vertigo, emotional lability and drowsiness.
  • Urinary system: renal failure acute, albuminuria, hypercreatininaemia, hematuria, interstitial nephritis.
  • Vessels and heart: sensation of palpitation, peripheral edemas, flushes of blood to the skin of the face and increased blood pressure.
  • Allergy: anaphylactoid or anaphylactic reactions, angioedema.
  • Organs of the senses: visual impairment, conjunctivitis, blurred vision.
    osteoarthritis treatment drugs

Cases of overdose

What are the consequences for those who have exceededdose of the drug "Meloflex" (injections)? The patients' testimonies say that in such cases, they have increased dose-related side effects. In this case, the following pathological conditions occur: epigastric pain, acute acute impairment, impaired consciousness, respiratory arrest, nausea, bleeding from the digestive tract, vomiting, asystole and acute liver failure.

In case of an overdose, symptomatic therapy is required. Thus alkalinization of urine, forced diuresis and hemodialysis are not very effective due to high binding of the drug to plasma proteins.

Special instructions when using the product

What rules should be followed in the processuse of medication "Meloflex" (injections)? Experts say that this solution should be used very carefully, especially when treating people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in an anamnesis. Such patients should be observed regularly with the doctor. If bleeding or ulcerative lesions occur, discontinue use immediately.

Special attention from specialists shouldbe directed at people who report the development of undesirable side effects from the mucous membranes and skin. In such situations, it is better to consider stopping the use of the medication.

In patients with a reduced volume of circulatingblood, and also reduced glomerular filtration, the appearance of chronic renal failure is possible. As a rule, such an adverse phenomenon is completely reversible. But for this it is recommended to cancel the use of the injection solution.

With a significant increase, as well as with persistentvalues ​​of transaminase and changes in other indicators of liver function, the drug should also be discontinued. Moreover, after this, it is necessary to conduct control tests immediately.

To date, no information onThe negative effect of the drug on the ability to control machines or other mechanisms is not. If the patient has violations from the CNS (increased fatigue, reduced visual acuity, dizziness, etc.), then the aforementioned activities are contraindicated to him.

anti-inflammatory injections

Interaction with other drugs

Does the drug "Meloflex" affect other medications, the price of which varies between 200-300 Russian rubles?

Simultaneous use of several NSAIDsincreases the risk of erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract. This is why it is highly recommended not to use the drug with other anti-inflammatory drugs.

During the use of medication with diuretics, the patient should consume large amounts of liquid. At the same time he needs regular medical supervision over the work of the kidneys.

Experts do not recommend combining NSAIDs withindirect anticoagulants, as this may increase the risk of bleeding due to damage to the intestinal mucosa or stomach, as well as the inhibition of platelet function. To the same consequences can result and simultaneous use of the mentioned preparation with thrombolytic and antithrombotic agents.

It should also be noted that the drug"Meloflex" can increase the concentration of lithium in the blood to a toxic level. Also, with its simultaneous use with the drug "Methotrexate", the negative effect on hematopoiesis increases.

The substance kolsiramin accelerates the release of the drug, increasing the clearance of the active substance by 50%. One can not help saying that NSAIDs reduce the effectiveness of intrauterine contraceptives.

Solution for injection "Meloflex": analogues

Currently, pharmacy chains can be found quite a large number of analogs of the drug. It should be noted that their price can be both above the original medication, and below.

Thus, if for any reason you are notcould buy a solution for injections "Meloflex", then you must have at hand a table of analog medicines. This will allow you to get a suitable medicine on the spot, which is not inferior to the original. However, it should be said that such drugs can have completely different side effects, interactions with drugs and contraindications. This is why it is recommended to consult a doctor before using them. If you do not have such an option, you should definitely read the instructions for use.

So what analogues has the medication presented? Among them, I would like to especially highlight the following drugs: Meloflex Rompharm, Amelotex, Bi-Xikam, Arthrosan, Lem, Libermum, Mataren, Medsikam, Melbek, Meloksikam , "Mesipol", "Exen-Sanovel", "Oksikamox" and so on.

Taking medication during lactation and during pregnancy

Suppression of prostaglandin synthesis is negativeaffects the intrauterine development of the fetus. That's why the drug can not be used during pregnancy. If necessary, it can be replaced by other, safer means. But for this, a pregnant woman should always consult her doctor.

It should also be noted that the drug is allocated with the mother's milk, so it should be during the period of its application to stop breastfeeding the baby.

injections meloflex instruction

Date and place of storage of the drug

Solution for injection "Meloflex" is necessaryplace in a dark place, where the direct rays of the sun do not fall. Moreover, it should not be accessible to young children. Store the medicine preferably at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees for 4 years. After the expiration date, use the drug is strictly prohibited.

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