Pantogam: instructions for use

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"Pantogam" is a nootropic preparation. Its active ingredient is the calcium salt of gopantenic acid. The sale of tablets, which contain 250 mg of this active ingredient and a number of auxiliary ingredients: calcium stearate, methylcellulose, talc, magnesium hydroxycarbonate. Usually there are five contour cells in one cardboard pack, each of which contains ten tablets.

"Pantogam", instructions for use, this explains, directly affects the GABAB-receptor-channel complex.

This influence protects the brain from destructiveaction of toxins, hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Hopatentenic acid has a strong anticonvulsant effect, accelerates the anabolic processes occurring in neurons. Doctors highly appreciate the drug for its ability to provide both a sedative and an easy stimulating effect on the brain.

"Pantogam", instructions for use in detaildescribes its action, increases efficiency (mental and physical), helps to normalize the mood. In addition, "Pantogam" normalizes the metabolic process in alcohol and drug intoxication, helps to better transfer the state of abstinence when ethanol is abolished.

Pantogam, instructions for usereveals the mechanism of its action, is able to slow the process of acetylation, inactivate sulfanilamides and novocaine. This reaction allows you to continue (prolong) the effect of novocaine and sulfonamides.

In addition, the preparation "Pantogam" strongly inhibits the pathologically accelerated vesicle reflex, increases the detrusor tone (the walls of the bladder).

The medicine is absorbed very quickly from the stomach. It is withdrawn after 48 hours in unchanged form with feces and urine. The maximum concentration of the drug is achieved in the skin, the walls of the stomach, kidneys, liver.

"Pantogam", instructions for use, this explains, is assigned only by specialists. It is used to treat:

  • Cognitive disorders that occur against the background of brain injuries or pathologies of development
  • Neurotic disorders
  • Senile dementia
  • Extrapyramidal hyperkinetic and akinetic syndrome, triggered by the administration of neuroleptic drugs
  • Enuresis, imperative incontinence, imperative urges, pollakiuria, other disorders of urination
  • Cerebrovascular insufficiency, especially caused by cerebral atherosclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease, Huntington's chorea, myoclonic epilepsy, other hereditary CNS diseases, including extrapyramidal hyperkinesis
  • Epilepsy
  • Elimination of psychoemotional overload, increase of working capacity (mental and physical), memory improvement, attention

The medicine "Pantogam" is prescribed even for babiesfirst days of life. It is recommended for mental retardation of various origins, dementia, perinatal encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, various hyperkinetic disorders, especially in the attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome. With help

"Pantogama" can be treated with tics of various origins, stammering, and other neurotic-like conditions.

For babies up to one year the drug is prescribed in the form of syrup, for older children and for adults - in the form of tablets.

People who suffer from kidney dysfunction, pregnant and lactating, are not prescribed this medication.

Doctors warn that in the first days of treatmentthere may be a noise in the ears, a sleep disorder. Cancellation of the drug such symptoms do not require: they undergo further treatment. Repeat the drug only if it causes rhinitis, rashes on the skin or other allergic reactions.

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