Healthy Lifestyle - A pledge of Beauty and Success

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A healthy lifestyle today worries almostall. The most popular reason for such an interest is that, as a rule, we do not lead a healthy lifestyle due to understandable reasons. Although many would like to change their habits.

Healthy lifestyle rules

  • Refusal from obsessive services of civilization

Modernity can not do without miraclesengineering, mechanization and computerization. Simplifying our lives in terms of saving time, the technique, however, makes us lazy. And no matter how hard we try to justify the everyday work of the many hours a day at the computer with the necessities of work, our body secretly does not accept the rigid hypodynamia to which we are condemning it. Even if you have a car, sometimes walk, advise the doctor. So, the first rule of health - this is movement and exercise. A healthy lifestyle begins with movement.

Lack of physical activity leads toa violation of blood circulation and a decrease in muscle tone. Hence the disease and premature flabbiness. It is necessary to find time for walking, at least short warm-ups, spend the weekend in nature or visiting the pool.

  • Fresh air

It is very important for health to learn breathe properly. Deep, calm cyclic breathing is practiced by yogis as a remedy for most diseases.

Ventilate the rooms in which you live and work. If conditions permit, leave the ventilator open for the whole night - it is necessary and easy, and your skin.

  • Correct posture

The consequence of incorrect posture is not onlyunassembled appearance, but also rapidly appearing fatigue. The stooped back affects the position of the lungs, which turn out to be in a clamped state. Because of this, the amount of inhaled air is reduced. Muscles, lacking oxygen, oxidize faster and get tired.

Behind the posture you need to follow not only while walking, but also sitting at the table. Do not lean too low during work toThe table, because it creates an additional burden on the back. An overloaded spine can adversely affect the operation of many organs and lead to the onset of headaches.

  • Coping with stress

Stress is the cause of many diseases. It contains the causes of nervous breakdowns, chronic fatigue and bad mood.

Find a few minutes a day to relieve the accumulated fatigue. To do this, sit on the table, tilt back the headand close your eyes. Try to relax. A few minutes of such peace is enough for the body to feel relief and be able to regain strength.

You can relax lying on the floor or a hard sofa. It's good to take a shower after that - this is a one hundred percent means, giving strength and vivacity.

  • Complete sleep

Normal sleep is 7-8 hours of total rest. Lack of sleep contributes to the accumulation of chronic fatigue in the body, which leads to rapid fatigue and reduced efficiency. Similarly, badly affects the body and the excess of sleep: it lowers the tone and remarkably contributes to weight gain.

  • Proper nutrition

Unbalanced nutrition leads to the fact that the body can not properly distribute the incoming loads and distribute their forces on them. Hence fatigue is a syndrome of our time. It is necessary to watch, that the organism received the necessary substances and elements in the required quantity. But this does not necessarily fill upunnecessary carbohydrates and fats. But it is not recommended to torture yourself with diets. It is better to consult a competent nutritionist. A healthy lifestyle is their hobby.

It is important to drink during the day a sufficient amount of liquid. Thanks to this, the body is renewed, which has a positive effect on the appearance and health of all organs.

  • Positive attitudes

Bad mood, depression, fear of the next difficulties have the same negative impact on the body as a bad diet or a bad dream. Do not give in to depression and a state of apathy. With effort of will pull yourself out of the grip of despair. Remember that all the difficulties are temporary, and health is so easy to lose ...

To answer the question of how to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is not necessary to re-read the mountain of literature - just listen to a few wise tips that are so easy to fulfill and be happy!

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