Viburkol: candles for children

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"Viburkol" (candles for children) include in theircomposition: camomile chamomile (D1), plantain large (D3 1.1 milligram), belladonna (D2), meadow (2.2 mg D2), nightshade (D4), Hahnemann calcium carbonate (4.4 mg D8). The drug is indicated for patients of the first days of life and older with an excited state with or without fever, with symptomatic treatment of various simple infections.

"Viburkol" (candles for children). Instructions

In acute conditions, rectal administration is indicated(into the anus) of the suppository every fifteen to thirty minutes, no more than two hours. Next, after relief, use two (maximum three) times a day for the candle. For infants (up to six months), no more than two suppositories can be administered twice a day.

Chamomile pharmacy, part of the drug "Viburkol" (candles for children) effective for inflammation of the respiratory tract, pain in the process of teething. The medicinal component also helps cope with digestive tract cramps, depressions.

Belladonna is used in the treatment of lesions of the genitourinary organs, joints, and skin. The plant is effective in the case of febrile inflammation of the tonsils, digestive and respiratory tract.

Nightshade, also included in the composition of the medicament"Viburkol" (candles for children) is used for febrile infections of the skin, joints, organs of the genitourinary system caused by hypothermia. The medicinal component is also effective in inflammation of the digestive and respiratory tract.

Plantain large used to relieve headaches, with incontinence, to eliminate skin rashes, diarrhea.

Lumbar meadow is effective with a tendency tocolds, inflammation of the respiratory tract, bladder, middle ear, digestive disorders, with mumps, measles. The component is also used for pain, mental disorders, insomnia, depression.

Hahnemann's calcium carbonate is used in disorders of calcium metabolism, chronic inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin, and as a constitutional agent in exudative diathesis.

In accordance with the composition of the drug "Viburkol"(candles for children) is prescribed as a symptomatic therapy for fever, inflammation, anxiety, various mental disorders. This remedy is effective for insomnia, rapid change of mood, after therapeutic interventions and before their implementation, with depressive conditions.

Use in fever states allowsremove the temperature and exert a lytic effect without causing hypotonic circulatory disorders. The drug may be prescribed as a symptomatic remedy for digestive disorders in children, in particular, flatulence. The medication is also able to eliminate seizures.

The use of suppositories quickly has an antihomotoxic therapeutic effect of detoxification. This activates the protective system and enhances enzymatic activity.

"Viburkol" for children is a homeopathic preparation. The drug has not only antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effect, but also analgesic (analgesic) effect.

In rare cases, after taking the remedy, allergic reactions are noted. If unwanted (negative) effects are indicated, it is recommended to consult a specialist and stop taking the medication.

The drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity (individual intolerance) of Viburkola components.

Before using the drug should visit a doctor. Directly before use, you should carefully read the instructions.

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