Diagnosis: lung cancer. How much to live?

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Lung cancer is an ailment most common inoncology. Despite the fact that it is from this form of the disease that the largest number of people die, it has been little studied. Thirteen percent of all deceased people in the world were diagnosed with lung cancer. A large number of people who fell ill with this deadly disease are heavy smokers.

Unfortunately, this disease isrule, in the 3 rd and 4 th stages. Lung cancer was diagnosed: how much to live? At the fourth stage, nothing can be changed. An irreversible process is started, metastases spread. The duration of human life depends on a number of factors: for example, in which organ the focus is located, what type of tumor. Usually this period is calculated in weeks, months. Sometimes they live up to 5 years, but this is a maximum.

Lung cancer how much to live
Lungs' cancer: How much to live is released at localization of a tumor in this organ? Metastases spread to the heart, lymph nodes, liver and kidneys. The shortest period is 2 months, but there are exceptions.

Doctors unanimously say that the mainthe cause of a tumor in this organ is cigarette smoking. It all depends on the experience of the smoker. Cigarettes contain harmful resins. Of course, not only smoking causes the appearance of a tumor, but also asbestos production, natural radon gas and air pollution. If lung cancer is diagnosed, how much to live, depends also on the type of tumor.

Cancer is divided into several types. It can be of the following types:

Lung cancer metastasis how many live
- squamous cell;

- Small-celled or large-celled;


Squamous cell carcinoma occurs in different parts of the body,but most often in open areas. It appears usually in the elderly - both in women and in men. According to the research, the tumor occurs at the site of scars after the burn and after exposure to the sun. Squamous cell lung cancer: how much to live? The disease of this type develops more slowly.

The small cell tumor develops rapidly. The danger of this disease is that while the tumor is growing, there are no symptoms. Only in the last stages there is a cough, as well as problems with breathing. When the process captures and other organs, there are pains in the throat, problems with swallowing, hoarse voice, pain.

Quite often, in 40% of cases, in the lungadenocarcinoma is localized. If there is abundant phlegm, mucus is formed, you can suspect the development of the disease. Adenocarcinoma, as a rule, is located in the middle. Within 6 months, the tumor is almost doubled. If a person has lung cancer, metastases, how many live with adenocarcinoma? According to statistics, men are ill with this kind of cancer more often. The prognosis for this type of tumor is poor, it gives metastases to the lymph nodes, pleura.

Methods of treatment

Modern medicine uses the following types of cancer treatment:

Lung cancer treatment reviews
1. Chemotherapy.

2. Radiation therapy.

3. Operation.

4. Combined treatment.

Many patients who were diagnosed with this condition,They are trying to find a miracle cure for such a deadly disease as lung cancer. Treatment (responses leave relatives of patients on onkoforumah) in such ways is ineffective. In practice, this usually does not work.

Most often, if the disease was diagnosed at 3-4stage, apply a combined method of treatment. First, radiation therapy is performed, irradiating the tumor zones and metastases. After a short break, they do chemotherapy, and three weeks later they are operated on. During the operation, remove the lung part or the organ completely (this is individually). Some patients do not live up to the operation. However, medicine knows cases of recovery of patients even at the last stages.

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