What is lumbago. Symptoms, treatment of a disease


Lumbago, and in the people "chamber" - pain,arising in the lower back. Provocateurs of lumbago are considered to be overexertion when lifting weights or a sharp slope, after which the person for some time is unable to straighten.

Lumbago - symptoms, treatment

lumbago treatment symptoms

Most often, lumbago arises from overexertionlumbar, but the cause may be lumbar hernia, displacement of the vertebrae, congenital anomalies of the spine. Sharp and sharp pain of the lumbago can occur when the intervertebral disk falls out or when the muscles and back ligaments are strongly strained.

As a rule, the pain is localized inlumbosacral spine is a lumbar region. If the pain reaches for the legs, the disease is called lumboschialgia. Acute lumbar pain, as mentioned above, is lumbago. Symptoms, treatment, we will consider below.

Lumbalia is usually manifested with osteochondrosisthe spine. Over time, the fluid of the intervertebral disc is lost, and it shrinks. Without a liquid, the damping function disappears, and under mechanical stress a person feels pain. Gradually formed herniated disc. Pain manifested only in the back can be associated with both the problems of the vertebral column itself and with soft tissue problems, for example, stretching muscles or ligaments, spasms.

If you clarify what is lumbago, the symptoms,treatment of the disease, it should be noted that the pain is particularly evident when straightening, but in a recumbent position it can subside. But if you just move a little, she comes back. The pain also passes spontaneously, in a few days, sometimes weeks.

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If we talk about the causes of lumbago, the symptoms,the treatment of which can be determined only by a specialist, it should be noted that it often happens in people with kidney and perineal tissue disorders. It can be such diseases as colic, kidney infarction, pyelitis, paranephritis. If you describe in detail such lumbago, this pain is sudden and abrupt, it arises in the lumbar region and gives into the genitals, thigh and groin, pointing to the colic.

Acute pyelitis is also noted with pain in the lumbar region, but with dull and not so intense pain.

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In middle age, lumbago is most oftenis provoked by disc herniation, but in elderly patients osteophytes, hypertrophy of ligaments, etc. can be the culprits of pain. If there is a disc herniation, the pain appears with sudden movement, tilt, fall or when a person has to lift a weight. Pain fixes a person in a half-bow and does not allow straightening, passes in a lying position.

Lumbago - how to treat?

For treatment, specialists usually use therapy,which corresponds to pain algorithms. It is important not only to cure pain at the site of localization, but to reveal its cause. Further treatment is appointed in accordance with the identified causes of lumbago.

With severe pain syndrome lumbagomedication is used to relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms. But the chronic course of the disease in the vertebral column is effectively treated by the techniques of spinal traction, special medical gymnastics, massage, acupuncture and other methods.