How to eliminate food poisoning: first aid

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Food poisoning recentlyis observed quite often. And the maximum number of cases is fixed during the New Year holidays, weddings or other dates, especially in the summer. The fact is that dishes often use mayonnaise, which can not last long. In addition, the products may not be fresh.

If you find food poisoning, first aid can save your life. Every person is to know what actions need to be taken in this case.

How do you know if you have poisoning?

food poisoning first aid
In principle, this problem has specific signs:

- Acute pain in the abdomen;

- nausea and frequent vomiting;

abnormally high body temperature;

- sudden weakness and loss of consciousness;

- Skin discoloration (blanching);

- cardiopalmus;

- frequent diarrhea (up to 15 times a day);

- reduction of pressure.

If a person has food poisoning, first aidshould be given very quickly to prevent a strong intoxication of the body. It is advisable to immediately call an ambulance. The fact is that doctors will help the patient to get rid of the consequences of intoxication with the help of droppers and other drugs.

What should you do first?

food poisoning first aid
So, if a person has a foodpoisoning, first aid is carried out immediately. However, we must determine the product that provoked the situation. The first action to be taken in this case is to rinse the stomach. Thanks to this, you can eliminate the product that poisons the body, as well as stop intoxication.

For this, the patient must drinka large amount of pure water, and then it should be called vomiting. In the liquid, you need to add a few teaspoons of baking soda. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times to finally remove toxins from the stomach. The next step is to give the patient some sort of sorbent (Enterosgel, activated charcoal). Tablets should be drunk several times (4 pieces every 3 hours).

If a person has food poisoning, first aidcalls for a call to the doctor, since the condition of the victim can deteriorate dramatically even after many hours after the onset of intoxication. Only a doctor can determine if a toxin has got into the blood and what harm it inflicted on the body. In addition, in a hospital environment, specialists will be able to quickly eliminate the consequences of the disease.

food poisoning

Prophylaxis of food poisoning

That the situation does not repeat, it is necessaryobserve certain precautions. For example, never buy expired products. If you prepare salads with mayonnaise, then they must be kept in the refrigerator and no more than 12 hours. Do not leave dishes outdoors, as they can be planted by flies that carry large numbers of harmful microorganisms.

Also, try to thoroughly clean fruits andvegetables, to conduct very high-quality heat treatment of fish and meat. Do not store salted or sauerkade too long. And remember, if you have food poisoning, first aid helps to maximize the rapid rehabilitation of the body after the illness, and in some cases - saves your life.

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