What causes malaria on the lips? How to treat this insidious virus?

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After the appearance of malaria on the lips(herpes), through the nerve endings it can begin to spread throughout the human body. Almost every one of us is a carrier of this virus. It can appear for different reasons. But in some people, the virus does not manifest itself at all in all life. Most likely, this is due to the state of the immune system.

malaria on the lips

Most people ask themselves: how is the virus on the lips treated when it starts its rapid development and affects other areas of the face? It can be diagnosed by a painful rash of red.

Causes of the virus

Many of us do not attach much importancesituation, when there are small ulcers - malaria on the lips. What are the reasons for its manifestation? It can be either stress or overstrain of the nervous system, as well as a cold or bacterial infection. Trauma, fatigue, exhaustion, being in the cold for a long time can also provoke the manifestation of the virus.

Malaria on the lips can spread todifferent parts of the skin. Also, the virus is able to develop on the mucosa. Common areas of infection are: nasolabial triangle and its internal area, lips.

How to treat a virus

Not everyone is worried about a small cold that appeared on the lip and passed soon.

than to treat malaria on the lips
Every healthy person with good immunity can independently get rid of the virus. And what about those people who can not boast of good health?

Than to treat a malaria on labiums? Creams and ointments, which are sold in every pharmacy, are able to fight the development of this virus. They can be bought without a prescription. But it's best to visit a doctor, he will prescribe medications that will suit you. If the case is started, it may be necessary to treat various medications that are taken internally. This will allow you to attack the virus with a vengeance. In this case, one can hope that the probability of relapse of the disease will be minimized.

Malaria on the lips - quick treatment

It's not a problem to cure the virus on the lips quickly.

 malaria on the lips fast treatment
But this does not mean that he can not appear again.

Rapid management of malaria can bethe help of garlic or onions. You need to lubricate their juice with affected areas. It is also advisable to use aloe juice or a tincture of calendula. Attach a bandage or a piece of cloth dampened in one of these means to the affected area.

Also, you can quickly get rid of jazvochek withhelp fir oil. Within four days, lubricate the affected areas every two hours. If you did not find the recommended medicine in your home medicine chest, use almond or sea buckthorn oil. You can mix honey with apple cider vinegar and propolis tincture. Treat the sores with this remedy, then use a tincture of chamomile or calendula.

Which tool is best to choose?

The best remedy for malaria on the lips is a special ointment. Experts recommend using drugs: "Gerpferon", "Zovirax" and "Acyclovir."

remedy for malaria on the lips
If you feel a tingling or burning sensation in thelips, which are a harbinger of the disease, immediately treat affected areas by one of these means. In place of redness and swelling apply one of these ointments, at the initial stage they act very effectively.

It would also be nice to increase the defenses of your body and undergo immunomodulatory therapy, because the virus often manifests itself during periods of immunodeficiency.

Preventive measures

To prevent the appearance of malaria on the lipsagain, it is necessary to promote your body. Strengthen your immune system and health. In particular, this should be done at a time when there is an epidemic of any viral disease. It is better to spend more time at home, and it is desirable to avoid crowded places.

To form a sufficiently strong immunity,lead a healthy lifestyle. This is the right food, normalized sleep, hardening, rejection of bad habits, cosmetic procedures, sports and much more.

If these simple recommendations are followed, then you will prophylaxis not only against the virus in question, but also give a good impetus to improve your health.

It is best to visit a virusdoctor, after all you can be mistaken: the diagnosis, as well as the treatment, will be wrong. It is especially important in the progression of the disease to observe hygiene. Do not touch the affected area with your hands, and if you already touched - you need to wash your hands thoroughly so that the infection does not spread further.

Malaria on the lips may appear again whendecrease your immunity. Cure of herpes is definitely not possible, this virus is sleeping in your body. Be prepared for the fact that he will gain strength and will want to again attack. Better use preventive methods. But if it appeared on the lip, do not delay treatment, because the sooner you take action, the sooner it will get rid of it. And along with the virus will leave and unpleasant sensations. In this case - health is in your hands!

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