Regional stomatological polyclinic of Ekaterinburg: activity

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Health is the main benefit of every person. Any pathology brings unpleasant sensations, and also limits our possibilities. Thanks to numerous interviews it was found out that the most uncomfortable condition is toothache. Because of her, a person can not concentrate on anything during the day and get enough sleep at night. In addition, the use of analgesic drugs saves for a very short time. Such an organism reaction to pathological processes in the oral cavity is associated with its abundant innervation.

Regional stomatological polyclinic of Ekaterinburg: types of services

regional dental polyclinic of Yekaterinburg

The medical institution is one of the majorinstitutions in the city that provide assistance with dental disease. The regional stomatological polyclinic of Ekaterinburg occupies a leading position among similar outpatient clinics due to the latest equipment and a huge flow of patients. There are many doctors working in the medical institution specializing in oral diseases. The following services are rendered in the clinic:

  1. Reception of a doctor-therapist - here you can go fulldental examination. In addition, in the office of this specialist, most patients receive treatment not only of the teeth, but of the entire oral cavity. The doctor-therapist will consult in detail how to properly care for the gums. Here, too, manipulations are carried out in aesthetic dentistry.
  2. Reception of surgeon - in this office are conductedvarious operations on the oral cavity. Among them, removal of teeth and tumors on the gums, cheeks, tongue, palate, etc. The dentist performs manipulations for the implantation of prostheses, as well as for the treatment of oral injuries.

Regional stomatologic polyclinicEkaterinburg provides services in the selection and manufacture of braces, as well as artificial teeth from various materials. In addition, the medical institution has a children's and diagnostic departments.

What methods of research are conducted in the polyclinic?

In the structure of dentistry there is a diagnosticcabinet, equipped with modern equipment. Among the methods of research conducted in the polyclinic, one can distinguish radiography of the oral cavity, CT with the newest 3D-installation. In addition, the regional polyclinic has a dental microscope, the presence of which can boast of not all medical institutions. The orthopedic office also has modern equipment and a large selection of materials for the manufacture of prostheses. The regional stomatological polyclinic in Yekaterinburg is the base for students of a medical college.

children's dental polyclinic екатеринбург

The work of the children's department

To pass the diagnosis and treatment of cavity diseasesmouth in this medical institution can and small patients. On the basis of the regional dispensary there is a children's dental clinic. Ekaterinburg is considered one of the leading cities in Russia to help small patients. Among the services of the polyclinic, the removal of dairy and permanent teeth in children, the treatment of chronic diseases of the oral cavity, the setting of seals. In addition, the medical institution carries out an operation to cut and plastic the frenulum of the tongue.

stomatological polyclinic 1 екатеринбург

Patients' comments about the polyclinic

Thanks to modern equipment and diligenceone of the best medical institutions is recognized as a dental clinic 1. Yekaterinburg should be proud of its specialists. Patients of all ages note high quality of care, reasonable prices, as well as a wide range of diagnostic procedures. Reviews about the dental clinic in Yekaterinburg are mostly positive.

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