Symptoms, causes and treatment of a lumbar spine

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In the modern world is very commonBack disease is a lumbar hernia. The treatment of this problem is very important for the overall health and full capacity of the person. It should be noted that the appearance of a hernia is not always conducive to hard work, although it is the main cause of problems.

hernia lumbar spine treatment
Hernia lumbar spine, treatment which should be carried out in a complex way, has the following symptoms:

- severe pain in the back of the coccyx;

- the inability to move normally: difficulties in bending, numbness of limbs.

It should be noted that most patients do not even suspect a hernia and tries to relieve pain and spasms on their own. However, this attitude to the problem is not correct.

Treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spinepreferably carried out with the help of conservative, folk and surgical methods. The first type is the reception of different drugs that relieve pain, muscle spasms. In addition, physiotherapeutic procedures should be used: therapeutic physical exercises, heat and electricity treatment, massage. For some time, epidural injections can help.

hernia lumbar treatment
Treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spineIt is worthwhile to conduct also with the help of point therapy, yoga, reflexotherapy. During the exacerbation of the disease, a strict horizontal position must be observed. Some doctors suggest that patients wear special corsets, which allow to relax the load on the lumbar region and ease the pain. Therapeutic exercise helps strengthen the spinal muscles.

treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spine

It should be noted that the treatment of a lumbar herniadepartment of the spine by any of the presented methods should be under the supervision of doctors. To date, experts advise the use of surgical intervention in extremely difficult cases, since the procedure can not 100% guarantee a positive result, especially since the patient must subsequently recover for a very long time. Other complications are also possible. However, if you can not do without an operation, then you should not put it off for a long time.

Treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spinesurgically can be divided into several types. The most common procedure is disketomy, which involves the removal of a hernia that squeezes the spinal canal. Basically, it is carried out in patients who have not been helped by conservative treatment. The most preferred procedure is microdiscoscopy, since it does not do much harm to the spine, does not require a long recovery period. The operation is performed using a microscope. Quite expensive, but effective procedure is a laser nucleotomy.

Often patients are offered to do stretchingthe spine. In any case, when choosing a method for eliminating the symptoms of the disease and their consequences, it is necessary to take into account the degree of severity of the hernia. Preference, of course, is given to conservative methods.

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