The wasp was bitten, what to do?

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Summer is, perhaps, the most pleasant time of the year. You can go to nature, organize shish kebabs, swim in the water, or just have fun outdoors in the fresh air. However, there is one circumstance that can slightly overshadow the rest - this is a large number of insects. It's not very pleasant, when an excellent picnic together with you spend mosquitoes, but even worse if sting wasps.

If a person was bitten by a wasp, this of course is notdeadly, but at the same time very unpleasant. Therefore, timely properly provided first aid can remove the edema and greatly alleviate the condition of the bitten person. In the place where a wasp was bitten, a poison enters the body, which quickly moves through the blood vessels. As a result, a small redness and swelling occur in this area. The feeling of burning pain passes quickly enough, but the swelling lasts for several hours. If a wasp is bitten in the face or eye area, swelling and redness can last longer and will only take a few days.

Numerous bites of these insects are dangerous. In this case, too much poison enters the body, which, in turn, can cause anaphylactic shock (depression of pressure, loss of consciousness). A single bite usually does not cause any harm to man, exceptions are only people prone to allergic reactions.

Determine the presence of allergies can be on the followingsigns: swelling or rash, which can appear throughout the body, regardless of the place of injury; chills; increased body temperature; headache; sneezing; a large number of watery discharge from the nose; violation of the function of breathing and the appearance of attacks of suffocation. More rarely diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, appearing attacks. In severe cases of allergic reactions, cramps and loss of consciousness, severe weakness, dizziness, involuntary defecation and urination may occur.

It must be said that after each nextthe bite of this insect allergic reaction becomes stronger. Therefore, if after an osus has bitten you, an allergic reaction has been detected, it is urgent to provide first aid. After the removal of acute manifestations of allergic reactions should consult a doctor so that there are no complications.

If no negative reaction occursto bite the wasp, first aid is to remove redness and swelling. To do this, you can use an antihistamine. The wound should be treated with dilute ammonia water (1: 5), iodine, a light light pink solution of potassium permanganate water-salt solution (a glass of water a spoonful of salt). If the swelling and redness did not go away within two days, you should see the doctor. This measure is mandatory, because In the place where a wasp was bitten, an infection can be introduced (since they are referred to insect scavengers).

People suffering from allergic reactions afterthe bite of a wasp should immediately drink one tablet of prednisolone, dimedrol and ephedrine. If after this the above symptoms do not pass, but only continues to increase, then these drugs must be administered subcutaneously. Prednisolone and diphenhydramine in 1 ml, and ephedrine - 0.3 ml. It is best that people suffering from allergic reactions learn to make themselves injections themselves. After taking medication, you must put cold on the site of the lesion.

A bit different from the "attack" wasps bee sting. The first help in this case is the careful extraction of the sting. The wasps, unlike the bees, do not leave stings and therefore can bite several times. However, if you killed the insect just at the moment when it stung you, then you need to check the place of the bite. If the sting remains there, then it should be carefully removed.

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