Neck hernia in adults: how serious is it

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navel hernia
What characterizes the disease?

The term "hernia" in medicine is called exit orprotrusion of an organ from its habitual place. The disease can be congenital and acquired, and it is often acquired quite unexpectedly. Roughly speaking, you can go to the restroom with constipation, and go out with a hernia. Often, the disease develops after bronchitis, there are cases when adherents of fitness acquire hernias. The navel hernia in adults occurs as often as the inguinal (hernial sac is displaced in the inguinal canal) and abdominal (this species is considered a consequence of various injuries).

Possible reasons

As is known, the abdominal wall consists of muscles andconnective tissue. It performs many functions, perhaps the most important of which is the retention of the internal organs in place. With a strong intra-abdominal pressure in the wall, the so-called hernial gates can form - in them the umbilical hernia appears in adults. This output can be provoked by exorbitant physical loads. Often a person does not even notice the formation of a hernia, this process can pass painlessly. However, soon it begins to grow and becomes noticeable.

navel hernia in adults


As mentioned above, the appearance of a hernia canbe due to the general predisposition of the body. You can be proud of your ideal press, but do you know that trained muscles will only support the hernia and make it invisible? Remember the main thing: the navel hernia in adults is not subject to independent treatment.

Operative intervention

Surgeons call two ways of getting rid of a hernia. The first is to stretch the tissues, the second one uses implants. Since the hernia, in fact, is an opening, it can be closed by tightening the edges or applying over the implant. So, if you were diagnosed as an umbilical hernia, surgery is necessary. The most proven method is hernioplasty, that is, plastic, which uses the patient's own tissues (muscles and aponeurosis). However, this option has a drawback: after the operation you will be pierced by strong pain. In addition, any physical activity is prohibited. It is also possible laparoscopic operation - it is carried out through small punctures and controlled by a tiny video camera.

umbilical hernia operation

Hernia in children

Neck hernia in adults is a ratherfrequent. However, it is common among children. The cause in most cases is a special structure of the abdominal wall, due to anatomical features. Girls have a hernia more often than boys. Treatment of the disease depends primarily on the age of the small patient. Most often by the age of three it passes by itself. If the child is older than five years, the umbilical ring will not close by itself. In this case, the operation is shown. After discharge, you should follow several recommendations, in particular, do the child massage (stroking the tummy clockwise, rubbing oblique muscles) and briefly put the baby face down.

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