How to quickly cure angina at home? Treatment of different types of disease

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When November comes and on the street it becomesslushy and damp, many of us pick up a cold. But only in the morning everything was in order, and by the evening it already pawns a nose and "pershit" a throat. "Here, again, sore throat", - you sadly ascertain. How to be? And how quickly to cure angina at home?

how to quickly cure angina at home
Not all can by the modern rhythm of lifeallow yourself a week to lie in bed. It is much easier for us to swallow a couple of tablets or dilute a packet of "miraculous" powder from a cold. But angina is a rather insidious disease. If you do not start treatment in time, the likelihood of complications is high. The back of the throat blushes first, then the pain is localized in the entire nasopharynx. Then the disease moves to the trachea, from there to the bronchi, and then to the inflammation of the lungs nearby ... Under the impact there may be kidneys, joints and even the heart. How to effectively cure angina, so as not to harm your health?

First, let us consider what forms of this disease there are. So, sore throats can be viral or bacterial.

Red, or catarrh of virus origin

This species is characterized by hoarseness, drycough, headache (even before the appearance of the main symptoms), often redness of the eyes, enlarged lymph nodes, pain in the muscles. Body temperature is normal (36.6 aboutC) or slightly increased, within the limits of 37-38 aboutC. Overall well-being is satisfactory. How to quickly cure angina at home? First, brew herbal tea. It can be chamomile, linden or raspberry leaves. To drink it should be warm, but in no case is not hot. If possible, wrap your throat with a warm scarf.

how to effectively cure angina
In the fight against the virus will help vitamin C. It can be a lemon with honey, an orange, a broth of a dogrose or a chemist's vitamin. Now about rinsing. Let's start with the most common - half a spoonful of baking soda plus a half-spoonful of table salt and 2-3 drops of alcohol solution of iodine stir to a glass of warm water. Rinse every 1.5 to 2 hours. Remarkably helps and the next recipe: a tablespoon with a slide of black or green tea mixed with chopped two cloves of garlic and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to stand for 15-20 minutes and rinse 3-4 times a day. If you have a carnation, then just take one or two in your mouth and chew for a few minutes. Carnation has a good antiseptic effect. With the first symptoms of angina, when there is only a "tickling" in the throat, it will be effective to instill the nose with an oil solution of "Pinosol" 1-2 drops every hour for the whole day. Vegetable oils of this preparation have anti-inflammatory effect.

Bacterial tonsillitis

This species is usually caused by streptococciand is accompanied by fever, headaches, pain when swallowing, sometimes even vomiting. Whether it is possible and how quickly to cure an angina in house conditions? If the general condition of the patient is stable, breathing is not difficult, the temperature is easily knocked down by antipyretic agents, you can cope with the disease and at home. Here in the fight against the disease should include tablets for resorption and sprays for irrigation of the throat, they are good in pharmacies, for every taste and purse.

how to cure a sore throat without antibiotics

If you ignore the symptoms of bacterial form, you can face its unpleasant consequences, namely - purulent tonsillitis.

Follicular sore throat

In the inflammatory process, in addition to the mucosa, follicles are involved. If the patient has a high fever (39-40 aboutC), barking cough, hoarse and barely audible voice and- Attention! - on the tonsils appeared white dots or white film (!), do not think about how to quickly cure angina at home, but consult a doctor. Such diseases are not treated with folk remedies, without strong medications here is indispensable. You should not even think about how to cure a sore throat without antibiotics. Only to the doctor and only under constant medical supervision!

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