If you have poisoning, what should you do?

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Probably, each of us knows that by himselfrepresents food poisoning. Even if you are a convinced vegetarian or a practitioner of raw food. And here everything can happen. Especially in the poor state of the food market. Poison can be where and how you like, which is called "on level ground". But if you have poisoning, what should you do? Let us first consider the main causes of food poisoning.

poisoning vomiting what to do

Causes of poisoning - feasts

Poisonings most often come to us asconsequences of long holidays. New Year, for example, or May - when people drink, eat, walk for several days in a row. Here we are no longer too picky in food and can no longer think about the consequences!

Often the products are purchased before the holiday withoutdue attention, in haste, despite the information on the composition of products, shelf life, the manufacturer. And this is very dangerous, as it leads to disastrous results! Try to avoid those products where the content of dyes, preservatives, GMOs is increased.

Poisoning: what to do?

poisoning diarrhea what to do
We are already used to preparing festive dishesin advance - the more, the better. This is so that the guests are by no means hungry. Then, for several days, you and your loved ones are forced to eat up what your guests did not eat: after all, "delicacies" cost money, and in general - "so as not to be wasted!" This is our mentality, you can not help it! It affects the "Soviet" habit of saving. So we eat a week or more, salads under mayonnaise, with eggs - not first, so to speak, fresh. And you have to pay with your own health. Pain in the abdomen begins, diarrhea, fever. And it accompanies poisoning of vomiting. What to do?

Effective Tips

If you have poisoning, diarrhea, what should you do? It is advisable, of course, to call a doctor. But if there is no possibility or simply no desire, then people's recipes and advice can be used.

  1. Move more: go, run, jump - so quickly remove toxins from your body.
  2. Clean with a hot shower or bath - the poisons will come out with sweat. You can use the bath if you can stand it. Bath wonderfully removes toxins.
  3. Drink more fluids. You can green tea, broth of wild rose, water with lemon - toxins must be actively washed!
  4. From food refrain about a day - just drink, even if you really want to eat.

Folk remedies

So, you have not been saved yet, and you have poisoning. What to do?

  1. poisoning what to do
    Prepare a decoction of honey and dill. Fresh fennel or its seeds cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Cool down. Add a spoonful of honey and take half a cup three times a day.
  2. Finely chop the root of the althea, pour boiling water and strain, add honey. Take the spoon three times a day.
  3. Good ginger infusion - a tablespoon hourly.
  4. Use activated charcoal - an old good proven product (one tablet for 10 kg of weight).
  5. You can wash the stomach: a weak solution of salt, soda or manganese (about two liters). All you need to drink at once, immediately induce vomiting, after, if necessary, repeat again.

In general, if you have a poisoning, what to do, you now know: it is necessary to cleanse the body by all available methods.

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